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VMware on Ncloud Update

쉽고 빠르게 VMware 기반 클라우드 환경 제공

The Hybrid Cloud Service for Enterprise Customers

Fast and easy enterprise cloud services are provided by combining VMware solution and Naver's cloud infrastructure technology.

Hybrid Cloud
You can switch to a hybrid cloud with minimal charges, because the cloud is service equipped with the VMware-based on-premise environment and compatibility. Not only can you respond to sudden increases in workload, but you can also secure resources instantly using VMware on Ncloud even when the resources is needed for a limited time.
Higher Security Standard Than Private Cloud
We will safely protect the customer's IT infrastructure by applying Naver's high security standard. Also, you can minimize damages by discovering various types of security vulnerabilities in advance using security control service. Various access control is possible through NSX-based logical firewall.
Secure Easy Disaster Recovery Environment
you can secure disaster recovery environment quickly and easily by combining the DR solution of proven VMware and the advantages of NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.
Efficient Cost Management
Unlike generating large-scale initial investments when building independently, usage-based investment is possible with cloud. Use a cloud service so you can use the savings on cost on

Detailed Features

Flexible Infrastructure Resource Allocation and Dedicated Virtual Data Center

You can create VM by flexibly allocating resources according to your business demands. If you require guarantees of stable performance, resources are allocated as a Bare Metal-based node unit (minimum of 4). You can create VM easily with the resources of the provided virtual data center.
※ Please inquire separately about the Bare Metal-based VMware.

Stable Hybrid Cloud Connection

If you use the newly-released, dedicated line-based network service in addition to the IPSec-based VPN, you can connect your IT VMware-based infrastructure environment and the VMware environment of the Naver Business Platform more stably.

Extension of Management Tools

Customers already using vCenter can manage the IT infrastructure resources of VMware on Ncloud at the same time through the vCloud Extender technology.

Customized Network Environment

You can create a data center environment suitable for your work requirements using NSX Edge-based Firewall, Load balancer, VPN, NAT, and DHCP provided by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

Providing Customized Network Environment
FeatureDetailed Information
FirewallA virtual firewall that becomes the contact point with the external network at the virtual data center providing both IP and port-based access control
Load BalancerVirtual Load Balancer for server load balancing
IPsec VPNVirtual VPN device that enables connection with key VPN equipment through standard IPsec protocol settings
NATIP and Port conversion network feature supporting mutual communication, while maintaining network separation between internal and external networks
DHCPProvides a virtual DHCP feature that provides IP addresses dynamically.
HA (High Availability)The feature that guarantees availability if the Primary NSX Edge is not operating. Please make sure to set up network redundancy if the priority of work is high.
Distributed FirewallProvides the firewall feature as individual virtual server units. Through this, network access control is supported between the virtual servers on the same L2 network. An additional cost is charged for this service. (20,000 KRW per VM/month, can be changed later on)

Storage Service

Select the appropriate storage for the business demand by providing SSD-type storage for high performance IO and HDD-based storage optimized to data storage and handling volume.

Operation Management of Enterprise Standard

Collect monitoring data from various perspectives and provide necessary messages to the customer through vRealize Operations, which is a powerful monitoring and operation management tool of VMware.

Proven DR Technology

Secure the proper DR environment for RTO and RPO by priority of work with the most suitable DR solution for VMware, such as VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) or vSphere Replication. (RTO: Recovery time objective, RPO: Recovery point objective)

Backup Service

Back up and store data periodically using the verified backup solution of Naver's cloud. We ensure your business continuity through data recovery if any issues occur.

Operation Support Service

For customers who are not familiar with VMware environment, the VMware on Ncloud service can be received through the partner (Managed Service Provider: MSP) supporting operation management. MSP also performs the role of suggesting the optimum solution necessary for the customer to improve the business environment in addition to operations management.

Strengthened NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM Service Connection Feature

Use the services of Naver's cloud with minimum network latency. Various types of connected services, including NAS, Cloud Connect, Object Storage, Archive Storage, Cloud DB, and CDN are scheduled to be provided.

Provided OS

The OS image verified by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM is provided by default. You can also create a customer dedicated server by importing an OVF or media file.

Provided OS
CentOSCentOS 6.6, CentOS 7.3
UbuntuUbuntu Server 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04
Windows (Charged)Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
(Windows OS is provided only in English. You can use it in Korean by installing the Korean support pack.)

※ An OS image is scheduled to be added in the future.


“VMware on Ncloud” uses VMware’s solution.

Pricing Information

Virtual Data Center

VMware on Ncloud fees will be charged by combining the items below and the network transfer fee.

(VAT Excluded)
Provided DetailsUnitMonthly Usage FeeMinimum Quantity
ComputeCPU1 vCPU14,500 KRW10 vCPU
Memory1 GB13,500 KRW10 GB
StorageSSD100 GB11,520 KRW100GB
HDD100 GB5,760 KRW
(Edge Gateway VM)
Small1107,500 KRW1 small edge
Medium1182,500 KRW
Large1485,000 KRW
Public IP14,032 KRW1
vRealize Operation (Monitoring)Per VM3,000 KRW-
Distributed FirewallPer VM20,000 KRW-
Backup100 GB30,000 KRW-
Windows License120,000 KRW-
Windows Server with MSSQL1 Copy290,000 KRW-

If you use Microsoft SQL Server, please check the following information:
- 1 license copy supports 4 vCPUs. If you use a server with 1–4 vCPUs, you must purchase 1 copy. 2 copies are required for a server with 8 vCPUs. 3 copies are required for a server with 12 vCPUs.
- The MSSQL fee is the DBMS license fee. The server and OS (Windows) fees are charged separately.
Example: When using MSSQL on a server with 2 vCPUs: 69,000 KRW (server) + 20,000 KRW (Windows license) + 290,000 KRW (MSSQL license) = 379,000 KRW/month
- The fee may change according to Microsoft’s policies and will be applied to existing customers.

Network Transfer Fee

You will only be charged for outbound traffic that connects through the Internet

(VAT Excluded)
Network Transfer Fee
TypeNetwork SectionUnitUsage LevelMeter Rate (Monthly)
Inbound TrafficAllGBSame for all levelsFree
Outbound TrafficTraffic through the Internet
(including traffic toward another region via a public IP)
GBUnder 5TB100 KRW
5TB–10TB90 KRW
10TB–30TB80 KRW
Over 30TB70 KRW

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