• Stable Global Region

    Oversea regions are being constructed in the most effective locations for global service provision. Each region is connected via 2-3 dedicated lines to form a reliable worldwide network.

  • Fast and Secure Service

    A fast and secure service is provided via close relationships with major oversea carriers. A world-class security solution is applied to all global regions to protect your data.

  • Deep Experience of Offering Global Services

    Based on the high quality technology infrastructure and the operational know-how that are part of NAVER's various global services, such as LINE, SNOW, Webtoon, and V LIVE, we offer you a high standard of service.

  • Diverse Global Services

    Various services to ensure effective global service are supported. We provide the basic infrastructure service and other useful solutions on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, such as Naver OpenAPI, security, and monitoring.