• Service provided for various sizes of business

    NAVER Cloud Platform is a proven technology used by large retailers and various online commerce companies. These diverse and proven services are available for your various business needs, regardless of the size of the business, from small businesses to medium and large corporations.

  • Deploy your business with ease and stability in a cloud environment

    NAVER Cloud Platform utilizes high-capacity infrastructure for the stability of services which is directly related to online business revenue. The technology for running large-scale traffic quickly and reliably is a competitive edge that promotes the success of online commerce in a cloud environment.

  • Service that can respond to various domestic and international environments

    NAVER Cloud Platform has built several Regions abroad as well as domestic data centers and is providing services through them. NAVER Cloud Platform's e-commerce services allows you to quickly respond to changes in the borderless online e-commerce environment and establish strategies for expanding overseas easily.