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Server with CUBRID, the NAVER DBMS

CUBRID, the one and only open source DBMS in Korea, is operated with proven reliability in various services, including NAVER and LINE. Improve the reliability of your business by using CUBRID, which promptly handles large scale traffic and is equipped with various functions for convenient use.

As Powerful as an Enterprise
CUBRID complies with ANSI SQL-92 standards and processes, Oracle-supported Hierarchical Queries, MERGE statements, and other special SQL statements. Various APIs are provided for application development, including JDBC, CCI, and PHP. CUBRID also offers high-availability capabilities for 24/7 load balancing and uninterrupted service.
Convenient Use
The CUBRID installation service, supported by the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM includes CUBRID Manager, a GUI-based admin tool that allows you to easily manage, query, and monitor the database.
Excellent Scalability
As a three-tiered engine (application-broker-database), CUBRID can be easily scaled out in parallel to handle a large volume of concurrent requests from users. Thus, the database infrastructure remains stable, even in high-capacity situations.
Real-time Monitoring
The CLI-based monitoring program provides multiple performance indexes to ensure the stability and efficiency of CUBRID operation.

Detailed Features

Various features are provided to improve the stability and convenience of the database.

Stabilized Version

The NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM is equipped with CUBRID 9.2—the database for NAVER and LINE services.

Guarantees High Performance in the OLTP Environment

CUBRID’s multi-thread/multi-server structure allows for distributed processing of large volumes of traffic. By using a broker as the center of its three-tier structure, CUBRID can support connection pooling, load balancing, and proxy. CUBRID also decreases the risk of bottle-necking by optimizing disk I/O and supporting high-performance indexes (Multi-Range, Covered, Reverse, Skip-Scan, Function-based, Filtered Index) in the database server.

Monitoring Tool (

CUBRID service provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM offers a monitoring program in a Command Line Interface (CLI) format. As a program to view the changes of CUBRID DB, it provides support for reliable and fast DB operation by near real-time basis monitoring with DB Status displayed on the screen every second.

Monitoring Tool (

GUI-based Admin Tools

CUBRID Manager is a GUI-based tool that can conveniently monitor, manage, and query the database.
With just a few clicks, you can check the server status, change settings, or create, start, or stop the database. It also provides the query editor tools needed for application development.
For more details, please see the following link:

GUI-based Admin Tools

GUI-based Migration Tools

As a tool designed to migrate schema objects and data in the GUI-based environment, CUBRID Migration Toolkit (CMT) allows migrating
Oracle and MySQL DB to the CUBRID DB. The source database supports Oracle 10g or later and MySQL 4.1.22 or later versions.
This feature is also provided via the Migration menu in the CUBRID Manager. For more details, please see the following link:

GUI-based Admin Tools


"CUBRID" uses the nation's only open source relational database (RDBMS) called CUBRID.

Pricing information

Since CUBRID is an open-source RDBMS, no additional fee is charged for installed-type services except for the server usage fee.

Price List
OSVersionUsage Fee (Month)
CentOS 6.6CUBRID 9.2Free
CentOS 7.3CUBRID 9.2Free
Ubuntu 14.04CUBRID 9.2Free
Ubuntu 16.04CUBRID 9.2Free

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