HPC(High Performance Computing)

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High Performance Computing for Large Data Processing

HPC (High Performance Computing) is a large scale computing service to solve complicated computations by analyzing huge amounts of data to produce valuable information. 
We take care of the infrastructure and maintenance so you only need to focus on solving the problem.

Convenient HPC Environment
Using the Computer, Storage, and DB services of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can create a large scale HPC environment in a short period of time. You can easily add or return resources depending on your need and enjoy flexible use of the HPC environment.
Flexible Configuration
You can use the dedicated HPC infrastructure of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM or a hybrid HPC environment using your on-premise based resources.
Right Security for the Work
High level security is mandatory for HPC as it is a place to process your core business. HPC provides the right security for your work by fully blocking the any unauthorized access via access control on HPC clusters and VPN connections between your business site and the cloud data center.
Efficient Cost Management
Get the best cost plan for your needs as you only pay for the capacity and time used by the resources to secure large scale HPC.

Detailed Features

You Can Create a Hybrid HPC Cloud Environment

In order to respond to a high workload and to quickly secure additional capacity, you can compute nodes of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM that are applied with IPSec VPN and access control on your on-premise HPC environment.

We Provide a Dedicated Monitoring Solution for HPC

Service failure is fatal for HPC which requires a long processing time. For reliable performance, we provide a dedicated monitoring solution to enable prompt failure handling and effective improvement of performance resources. This solution also monitors the resource conditions and generates notifications on events that exceed the set threshold.

We Protect Your Trade Secrets with Advanced Security Management

Meet the highest level of security with a selection of various security products from security devices such as IDS, Anti-DDoS, WAF, and IPS, and security settings for malware, viruses, and operating systems.

We Provide a Highly Efficient HPC Service

We provide fast processing using a Bare Metal-based HPC server, which guarantees high network performance, and the newest Intel CPUs.

You can use Free HPC Cluster Software

Use the HPC Middleware of Microsoft without additional charges.

For price estimates, please contact Customer Support.

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