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A Cloud-Based Workflow Service for Easy Sharing

Use an enterprise workflow service anytime and anywhere regardless of country or region, to improve communication and ensure a transparent management of the enterprise.

Changing the Way We Work with Easy Workflow
Register the time off schedule and expenses as a simple workflow and share it within the company according to the preset consent of persons in charge. And share the basic work information of employees and company expenses used by individuals, to form a practical and effective organization culture based on transparent information sharing. It will become an opportunity for the transparent corporate culture to be firmly established for the company and maintained by the new employees.
Automated Approvals Path with Easy Settings
The workflow of WORKPLACE can be used to set up approval paths automatically according to templates and detailed classifications. The administrator can designate employees and managers for approvals and even set exceptions, such as exclusion from approvals, by classifying per template type. The manager can automatically set 10 levels of upper management personnel by selecting from the individual report lines or the heads of departments.
Work with high accuracy based on the clock in/out
Simply clock in and out with a click from mobile or PC without the need to adopt a separate attendance system. The administrator can manage the work hours that follow the Labor Standards Act. Apply to all employee types, including full-time workers, contract workers, shift workers, telecommuters, or field workers. Any overtime and night pay is implemented on a secure workflow so that it must be ordered and approved of.
Easier Expense Management with Corporate Card Integration
WORKPLACE helps you make payments easily by automatically importing the corporate card transactions of major credit card companies. It also helps to naturally accomplish transparent expense management by sharing the expense handling process with internal and external participants. You can allocate the annual budget for strategic management and set audit rules to self-check before making an expense report and ultimately reduce the expense handling time. Leave the small expense-related work to WORKPLACE, so the administrator can focus on making the expense-related decisions.

Detailed Features

Recommended for users preparing for bigger businesses with the following concerns:

  • I need an easy-to-use workflow service without restrictions on countries or regions.
  • I need a communication tool to use casually because I have an ERP solution that I'm using already.
  • I want to use an enterprise information system which is efficient in speed and reliability within a global environment.
  • Need transparent company management through a prompt and systematic expense management system.

Easy workflow to support fast decision-making and seamless sharing

Easily fill out information on time off, use of expenses, and fill out various business templates used by the company on different devices to proceed with decision-making. You can carry out all processes required for decision making such as agreement, rejection, or appointment of delegation after sending email and mobile notifications to the corresponding personnel. The completed document can be shared with the entire company or individual employees depending on the company policy so that easy communication is possible via leaving comments. The result of WORKFLOW is automatically connected to HR, accounting and the expense management system to guarantee the continuity of work. It is also safely stored in an independent data center which is also used to store the data records of NAVER and LINE. (Default storage capacity: 1 GB per person, 512 GB of public capacity, additional capacity is possible upon request)

Transparent and Organized Expense Management by Linking with your Corporate Card

You can manage business expenses transparently and effectively. You can handle expenses quickly and easily by scrapping corporate card transactions. Once the details are completed with Workflow, a statement is automatically created in account management. Expense settlements are transferred into the corresponding account and the flow of money is managed with just a few clicks. The expense regulations that could have been missed by the user are checked for expense settlement application by checking usage during holidays or checking the payment method (corporate card/personal card/cash) within the set limit of the budget. Most of all, a limit for one person can be set, if an external person is included, to encourage compliance with the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act.

Close Association Between the Organization Structure and Automated Workflow Settings

You can configure an organization structure suitable for your company – whether it is department-based or human-based. Department-based companies can designate the head of department and select position configurations in various ways. The information set this ways can be applied and used for viewing the department structure or setting up approvals for the upper managers. Human-based companies—where the reporting line is selected by the employees—can designate the manager per employee (reports to) and use the information for viewing the employee structure or setting up approvals for the upper managers.

Configure a Professional Organization Chart With Few Clicks

You can easily configure a tree structure which shows the hierarchical nature of the organization structure. This is especially convenient for companies that operate many organizations in the form of a matrix where one department head can hold more than one position. If necessary, more than one upper manager can be designated on a project depending on the work or role. You can select the main operator among many upper managers for the workflow and the system will assign the corresponding approvals path.

Member Information that Can be Freely Customized

You can freely set the employee attributes depending on the characteristics of the company, project, or gathering. You can flexibly configure the attribute items into multiple-choice/descriptive/date/short-answer types and choose to reveal the content on the employee list. Configure items, such as messenger ID, extension number, joined company clubs, and uniform color.

Global Business Support, including Multiple Languages, Time Zones, and Currency Information

We have incorporated the know-how of NAVER and LINE employees who are on the front line of global business. Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified or traditional) are supported by default. It supports the time zone of each user and applies the user location to the workflow document to help global communication and enables easy processing of expenses in various currencies.

One-click clock in or out and optimized features for attendance and leave management

Since July 2018, a 52-hour workweek system is sequentially enforced on companies according to the company scale. WORKPLACE enables delicate time management to comply with the amended Labor Standards Act, allowing for an easy check in and out feature regardless of the business type, scale or working method, and automatic check on the labor compliance requirements so it does not have to be checked manually by a manager. WORKPLACE identifies the location check in and out, and manages late arrivals, early departures, and compliance to mandatory work to drastically reduce the cost of attendance management. Also it is based on a solid workflow to manage time off, annual leave, and work hours with high accuracy. The refined attendance information can be connected with payroll management to provide accurate information on overtime and night pay.

Pricing Information

  • Monthly rate and discounted annual rate services are provided.
  • You can purchase additional capacity anytime.
  • You can enjoy a free trial for 30 days.
  • Payments will be processed as the currency used by the customer based on the price in won (KRW). (The basic exchange rate of payment shall be according to the standard of the applicable financial institution.)
  • The card registered for linkage can be used free of charge on the registered month.

Basic Fee

TypeDescriptionPublic CapacityAnnual PlanMonthly Plan
WORKPLACE [g]WORKPLACE g is a workflow service that can be shared easily.512GB/1GB provided per person₩ 3,000 / KRW₩ 4,000 / KRW

Corporate Card Linkage Fee

TypeDescriptionUnitMonthly Fee
Corporate Card LinkageThis is a service to automatically check the corporate card transaction statement for easy payment. Monitoring is possible using the various features on card usage.Per one linked corporate card₩ 4,000

Fees for Additional Capacity

TypeDescriptionUnitMonthly Fee
CapacityIf the public capacity provided by default is insufficient, you can make an additional purchase or return the bicycle.Per 1TB₩ 50,000
  • The billing unit is based on 1 person and the amount above excludes VAT.
  • Pricing will be implemented based on Korea Standard Time (UTC+9).

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