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Simple RabbitMQ Service

AMQP 기반의 고가용성 메시지 브로커인 RabbitMQ 클러스터를 손쉽게 배포할 수 있습니다.

High Availability Message Broker Solution for Reliable and Safe Message Delivery

Simple RabbitMQ Service provides RabbitMQ clusters, a high availability message broker that can deliver messages even more safely. Simply select a clustering option on the Web-based console for easy distribution of the message broker with the necessary specifications.

High Availability Message Broker Solution
Simple RabbitMQ Service provides a high availability message broker with a stable version of RabbitMQ installed on a multi-node. Through this, you can eliminate the single failure point of a broker and minimize service failures if any node goes down with a mirrored queue. This service is provided in connection with the Load Balancer of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM for load balancing and failover measures.
Convenient Use
Just with simple input and few clicks from a Web-based dashboard, you can build a RabbitMQ cluster that can be instantly used with the service. Select the options to meet your needs, whether you require performance or high availability as a priority. We provide a guide for easy setup.
Easy Monitoring
Monitor the overall details of the message broker using the RabbitMQ Management UI plugin. You can also receive notification on a specific event using the detection settings on the console. (Coming soon)

Detailed Features

Provided Services

The Simple RabbitMQ service installs a stabilized version of RabbitMQ to multi-nodes and clusters for service.

VersionRabbitMQ 3.7
OSCentOS 7.3 (64bit)


"Simple RabbitMQ Service" uses RabbitMQ, an open source message broker software developed by Pivotal.

Pricing Information

No additional fee is charged for the Simple RabbitMQ service, except for Server and Load Balancer usage fees.

OSVersionUsage Fee (Month)
CentOS 7.3RabbitMQ 3.7Free

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