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메시지 시스템을 구성할 수 있는 AMQP 기반의 오픈소스 메시지 브로커인 RabbitMQ를 VM 설치형으로 제공합니다.

Features for Effective Exchange of Messages between Different Components

RabbitMQ is a dominant AMQP-based message-oriented middleware to configure a messaging system. With RabbitMQ, you can easily implement message delivery between components, publish/subscribe model, asynchronous processing, and task queue, and more. Meet RabbitMQ , which has all the advantages of prompt handling of load spikes, implements continuous execution of the entire system, and maintains synchronicity using Workers.

Easy Connection and Scaling Between Components
RabbitMQ provides high reliability on the system through stable delivery of messages between components. Most of all, the separation of message transmission/reception and the asynchronous message processing method enable loose connection between system components to help flexibility of tasks. This allows for an easy scalability on the system while securing independence between components.
Diverse Types of Clients and Development Tools
The clients, adapters, and tools contributed by the authors in the RabbitMQ community help you develop in a more convenient way. Also, use the clients created in various languages to bring interoperability to the system.
Management Plugin Built for Convenience
The Management Plugin provides HTTP-based API and a web dashboard. You can use it for easy monitoring and management of RabbitMQ servers. This can be useful when debugging an application or trying to check the entire structure of the message queue status.

Detailed Features

Provided Services

A reliable version of RabbitMQ is provided by installing it on an independent VM so that the developer can configure a message system using this feature. The RabbitMQ process is managed by Supervisord. If shut down unintentionally, it restarts the process for minimal disruption in the service.

Version RabbitMQ 3.7.0
Additional ConvenienceSupervisord 3.1.4
OS CentOS 6.6 (64bit)
CentOS 7.3 (64bit)
Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit)
Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit)


"RabbitMQ" uses an open source message broker software called RabbitMQ developed by Pivotal.

Pricing Information

RabbitMQ is a VM installation-type product of the open source library. No additional fee is charged, except for server and public IP usage fees.

OSVersionUsage Fee (Month)
CentOS 6.6 (64bit)
CentOS 7.3 (64bit)
Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit)
Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit)

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