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Real User Analytics(RUA)

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Utilize Collected Information to Improve Website Quality

Real User Analytics (RUA) gathers the user-perceived performance of the website to analyze speed per country, OS, and browser. Because you can check the bottleneck sections, it becomes a great reference for enhancing your website performance.

Collection of Real-Time Performance Data
You can effectively respond to various issues that occur from the website using the real-time data gathered from the actual users of the website. For instance, you can perform a real-time analysis on delays in page loading during high traffic periods or search data for a specific period.
Simple Monitoring Management
You can distribute the script provided from the RUA to the website source and register that website domain on the web-based console to collect performance data for monitoring. Also, you can combine various websites into a project and compare the performance between the projects.
Intuitive Dashboard
You can check the speed per country, OS, browser, and page visually as graphs on the dashboard. Also, you can check bottleneck sections for easy identification of the declining website performance and solve your problems quickly.

Detailed Features

Registration of Projects and Websites

You can register many websites in a project for management purposes. If you distribute the script provided by the system to the website source after registering the website, the performance information that is created when users access the website is collected in the RUA system for monitoring.

Real-Time Analysis of Performance Trends

Using the Real-time Dashboard, you can analyze a performance trend of real-time information for the last 30 minutes. Browser Load Time and Page View trend show the list of countries, OS, browser, and page with most access to the website.

Analysis of Past Performance Patterns and Reason for Delay

The Page Load Time Dashboard shows the trend of browser load time and page view per country, OS, browser, and page for a specific time period in the past. Also, it analyzes speed on each section to discover a bottleneck section.

Main Indicators of Speed

Main Indicators of Speed

※ Sections are defined based on the Navigation Timing API attribute value established by W3C.

Cumulative IndexDescriptionSection
NetworkThe time it takes to connect to the server for data receipt after a page requestnavigationStart ~ ConnectEnd
TTFBThe waiting time for the browser to receive the first information from the web server, after a page requestnavigationStart-ResponseStart
DomContentloadedThe time it takes for the HTML document preparation and analysis, after a page requestnavigationStart-DomContentloaded
Browser Load TimeThe time it takes until the HMTL page was fully loaded on the screen, after a page requestnavigationStart-LoadEventEnd
Acquisition indexDescriptionSection
TTFBThe waiting time of a browser to receive the first information from the web server, after its requestnavigationStart-ResponseStart
Server ResponseThe time it takes for the server to respond to the browser requestResponseStart-ResponseEnd
Dom ProcessingThe time it takes for the browser to parse and analyze the HTMLDom Loading-DomContentloaded
Page RenderingThe time it takes for the browser to express HTML and run JavaScript while loading the sub-images of the page.DomContentloaded-loadEventEnd

Introduction of Fees

Real User Analytics (RUA) applies the unit price per 1,000PV based on the Page Views (PV) of the actual users visiting the website.

Service Type

  • Basic: Provides basic information such as browser and page Load Timer and Page Views.

* Service types providing various features are scheduled to be added in the future.

Service Usage Fee

ClassificationService Type
Accumulated Monthly PV (Page Views)Basic
Under 10 million PVs10 KRW/1,000PVs
Over 10 million PVs(Please make a separate inquiry)

* Unit prices are rounded up for calculation. E.g.) Unit price is 10 KRW for 20 PVs and also 10 KRW for 900 PVs. Unit price is 20 KRW for 1,001PV and 20 KRW for 1990 PVs.

* If you expect to use more than 10 million PVs, please contact customer support Customer Support > Contact Us.

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