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Papago NMT Update

입력한 텍스트를 인공신경망 기반 번역 알고리즘을 통해 여러 나라의 언어로 자동 번역해줍니다

The contents of this page are currently being translated. Thank you for your understanding.

The Artificial Neural Machine Translation API Providing the Most Outstanding Korean Translation Quality

This translation service uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) based on the artificial neural network-based machine translation technology developed by Naver.
Because this technology translates the phrase as a whole without breaking the input sentence down into segments, a context-aware translation can be obtained which is more natural than other machine translations.

Rich Korean Language Processing Experience
More accurate and natural translations can be achieved by applying NAVER's artificial NMT engine that processes multiple languages based on Korean. This technology has currently been adopted by a variety of services, such as the Papago Translation app, NAVER Dictionary, NAVER SmartBoard, NAVER i, Clova, and the LINE Translation Bot.
Performance Improvement through Learning
To strengthen the translation engine technology which effectively identifies the language rules, continuous learning is performed with a massive amount of data owned by Naver services. Improve the quality of your services with Papago NMT, the service that is building on the abundant data of Naver to provide faster, more natural translations.
Safe Personal Information Management
To safely protect the information entered for text translation, Papago NMT service complies with Korea's privacy laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
Easy Use
On the web-based console, you can conveniently handle various types of management tasks, such as service registration (register, change, and delete), setup of usage limits (daily/monthly), and checking usage statistics.
자동 언어감지 기능
번역할 언어의 종류를 AI기반으로 자동으로 감지할 수 있는 언어 감지 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 입력 언어의 종류를 사용자가 직접 지정할 필요없이, 자동 감지된 결과값을 번역 호출시 연동하여 이용할 수 있습니다.
높임말 번역 기능
고유의 높임말 체계를 갖춘 한국어 특성을 Papago AI 학습 알고리즘에 반영하여, 번역시 문장에 높임말을 적용할 수 있는 기능을 제공합니다.
(현재는 영-한 번역에 우선 서비스 되고 있으며, 향후 확대 적용될 예정입니다.)

Detailed Features

A high quality machine translation service that learns from NAVER's abundant data is provided.

Overview of NMT Technology

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is a translation technology that uses an enormous virtual space called an artificial neural network to understand and translate sentences.
Input sentences for translation are converted to vectors (coordinates) that represent specific points of the artificial neural network in the virtual space and then saved. Sentences with similar meanings become clustered together. NMT references the information surrounding the input sentence to understand its context for a more natural translation.
Papago NMT self-studies the large-scale data accumulated through NAVER services every day. Through this translation model, translation results that are more accurate than the existing SMT method can be provided.

Provided Services

Translation API (Papago NMT API)

When the source for translation, code for the language to translate into, and code for the translated language are delivered to the Papago engine, this API service returns the translated result.
Translation of 16 languages pair are possible.
(Korean, English, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, German, Russian, Italian, etc.)

Papago Language Detection API

This API automatically detects the language of the source text for translation. This is a learning-based language detection model developed based on a massive language corpus. A fast and accurate language detection feature is supported for the 12 main languages.
12개 언어에 대한 감지가 가능합니다.
(Korean, English, Chinese(Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, German, Russian, Italian, etc.)

높임말 번역 기능 (Korean honorific translation)

번역 API (Papago NMT API)의 추가적인 옵션으로 제공되는 기능입니다.
고유의 높임말 체계를 갖춘 한국어 특성을 고려해, 문장 번역시 높임말을 적용할 수 있는 기능이며, 활용 상황을 고려해 선택 옵션으로 제공합니다.
번역시 고객이 선택한 높임말 번역 옵션에 따라, "나/저" "너/당신" "~했다/했습니다" 같은 한국어의 반말과 높임말을 구별해서 반영할 수 있습니다.
(현재는 영-한 번역에 우선 서비스 되고 있으며, 향후 확대 적용될 예정입니다.)

Using the API

As an open API that does not require a login, service usage is possible by sending the Client ID and the Client Secret value issued when you registered the application in the HHTP header at the time of calling POST.

Use Cases

This technology is adopted by a variety of services, such as the Papago Translation app, NAVER Dictionary, NAVER SmartBoard, NAVER i, Clova, and LINE Translation Bot.

Notes for Use

  • Papago NMT currently provides a short-sentence based service that returns a translation of the user’s input text.
  • Translations that include HTML tags are referred as 'web translation' and this feature is currently not supported.
  • The maximum number of characters you can enter at a time is 5,000. (including spaces)

Service Usage Limit

  • You can directly adjust the usage limit of the Papago NMT API and the Papago Language Detection API from the service console.
  • You can adjust the usage limit of Papago SMT yourself using various options from 3 million characters a month (100,000 characters a day) to 300 million characters a month (100 million characters a day) per application.
  • Calling is allowed for the last call that exceeds the usage limit. (The usage fee is calculated based on the number of actual calls.)
    E.g., you have set the monthly usage limit to 1,000 characters. Once you use 990 characters, you can call an extra 20 characters. Then, you can use a total of 1010 characters and will be billed for 1010 characters. 
  • If you need to increase the service limit, please contactCustomer Support.

Pricing Information

The Papago NMT usage fee is charged in 1,000,000 character units based on the requested number of characters.

ServiceCharge (Monthly)Billing UnitsUsage Fee
Papago NMT APINumber of characters entered for translation1,000,000 characters20,000 KRW/1,000,000 characters
Papago Language Detection APINumber of characters entered for language detection1,000,000 characters20,000 KRW/1,000,000 characters
  • A service fee is charged every 1,000,000 characters. Therefore, the number of characters input for translation is rounded up to the nearest 1,000,000 characters for calculation.
    (E.g., If you use 500,000 characters, then you will be charged 20,000 KRW and if you use 1,600,000 characters, then you will be charged 40,000 KRW.)
  • The character count includes spaces.
  • The usage (number of characters) is calculated on a monthly basis and the remaining characters are not carried forward to the next month.
  • The usage of Papago NMT API and Papago Language Detection API is counted separately.
    (E.g., If 500,000 characters in the Papago NMT API are processed in a month, plus an additional 300,000 characters are processed in the Papago Language Detection API in a month → 20,000 KRW + 20,000 KRW → 40,000 KRW will be charged.)

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