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ZioYou is a company specialized in global groupware directly developed and operated by high performers who have a lot of experience in practical work at specialized companies.

Product Details

Main Features

Enterprise Portal Solution

Provides enterprise portal solutions based on company-wide knowledge management of an enterprise

IT Management Service

Provides IT services related to management and management specialized consulting service in addition to software development

Zioyou LAB

Social responsibility of enterprises by opening up a free education academy to foster IT experts

Education Consulting

Precise diagnosis and consulting of enterprise is necessary for the successful introduction of solutions and Zioyou is also an organization specialized in training consulting

About the Solution

step 01. No Restriction

  • Performance of duties without restriction of time and space for people on domestic and international business trips, or engaging in foreign branch/corporate telecommuting
  • Overcomes delays of business and solves problems such as delay of approval or omission of business reports when the employee in charge is absent
  • Real-time viewing of transferred data, mail, approvals or reports just with a simple search

step 02. Information Sharing

  • Information sharing through various bulletin boards or approvals. Classification of permissions to write/read and individual/department/public use.
  • Prompt delivery of information through company mail, memos or push notifications.
  • Easy to identify job status by the administrator. Uses business logs/reports or schedule management.

step 03. Security

  • Restrict access of data, information and specific IP by assigning security levels to each employee
  • Able to check document history (printing, revision and viewing, etc.)

step 04. Improvement of Business

  • Innovative communication between domestic/foreign business sites
    Increased job participation with extended communication with foreign workers and an
    Improved real-time collaboration ability with remote users
  • Increased efficiency of the document management from creation of document up to preservation and search
  • Improvement of work process and standardization of documents

Video on the Introduction of the Solution

Features of the Solution

Electronic Mail

Collaboration and communication using the mail TAG feature / mails sent via approval procedure
enables POP3 connection / systematic hierarchical inbox / powerful anti-spam and security

Work Management

Easy identification of business cooperation and progress / function to set up and give feedback on job deadline
classification of the job storage box / provides Gantt chart /easy to identify project-oriented tasks

Schedule Management

Classification withing schedule management, such as by job or department / electronic approval, job management or bulletin links
Enables in-house collaboration by sharing schedules

Electronic Approval

Able to calculate documents with functions automatically, is the only company providing an Excel editor in the country
Reflects ISO9001 quality management / Implements an internal accounting management system of listed enterprises

Bulletin Board

Able to view electronic ledger duties and check progress / Able to utilize webhard
Able to download, set viewing permissions and manage logs

Personal Connection Management

Mass registration of contacts / Convenience of work by connecting with mail, SMS, and web fax
Increased work efficiency by connecting with email or web fax

Extended Solutions

Attendance Management / Annual Leave Management / Survey Management / Co-owned Property Reservation Management / Vehicle Log


* Monthly fee of 8,000 KRW per person
* ZioYou Groupware 9.0is the product version applied.

ZioYou Groupware Customers

Used by about 4,500 companies and 100,000 users worldwide

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Telephone: 1599-8880 (Weekdays, 8:40 AM - 6:00 PM, Lunch Hours 11:50 AM - 1:00 PM)
  • 1:1 Kakaotalk Inquiry: @ZioYou Groupware