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YOUNGCART is a shopping mall plug-in program of GNUBOARD with ordering and payment features, perfect for running a shopping mall directly on the website.
Use GNUBOARD if you just need a bulletin board and use YOUNGCART if you need a shopping mall. YOUNGCART includes all features of GNUBOARD.
If you need a shopping mall after using GNUBOARD for the first time, you can use it by additionally installing YOUNGCART.
GNUBOARD and YOUNGCART are distributed as an open-source and sources codes can be edited as you like.

Product Details

Detailed Features

Member Management

Manage members, send email to member, count connected users, search connected users, manage connected user logs, manage points, manage voting

Bulletin Board Management

Manage bulletin boards, manage bulletin board groups, manage keyword trends, keyword ranking, 1:1 inquiry settings, content management, FAQ management

Shopping Mall Management

Shopping mall settings, classification management, product management, order management, individual order management, integrated order management, batch processing of shipping, online estimate, product type management, product inventory management, event management, reviews, product inquiry, content management, FAQ management, new window management, banner management, shipping company management

Shopping Mall Status and More

Product sales ranking, sales status, printing order details, electronic payment details, archive status, SMS transmission, rate comparison website management

Installation & Usage Guide



YOUNGCART Solution: Free

  • Contact us for an estimate when you request to build a YOUNGCART
  • Fees may be charged on the included additional services (such as SMS, self-authentication, or credit card payment)

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

UsageTypeSpecificationsAmountOS VersionApplication Info
Web/DB ServerStandard SSD Server48GB100GB2CentOS 6.8 64-bitnginx 1.8.1PHP 7.0.14MariaDB/10.1
ServiceService Public IP1

* The above is a recommended configuration. Server products may be reduced or expanded depending on the required scale.
* YOUNGCART 5 is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Telephone: 02-522-0507 (Weekdays, 10 AM - 5 PM)
  • Email address: