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X-Finger Communication OC is a high-quality optimized video collaboration system providing an effective working environment using features,
such as document sharing, program/screen sharing, annotation sharing, file transmission, or chat.
You can use this video conference/collaboration product without the location or equipment restriction as it has applied the latest technology for use on various devices.

Product Details

Main Features

A WebRTC & HTML5 Based High Quality Video Collaboration Service

  • You can use the video conference/collaboration service using the web browser without the need for a separate software installation, due to the application of WebRTC & HTML5 technology.
  • You can use a high definition (Full HD or HD) video conference and collaboration service using a web browser or dedicated application in a device running on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, or Linux.
  • You can use the service through the dedicated UI, optimized for each device type, such as desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

Additional Features for Effective Video Collaboration

  • An effective video collaboration environment is provided via additional features, such as document sharing, program/screen sharing, annotation sharing, chat, file transmission, and recording.
  • Effective conference management is possible through the feature to view and remind scheduled conferences, and view meeting history.

Detailed Features

High quality video conference

  • High definition (HD/FHD) videos
  • Minimized network load through MCU during multiparty conference
  • Quality control according to network bandwidth
  • Support of 1:1 video conference, multiparty video conference and, voice only conference modes

Range of Additional Features

  • Support features for document sharing, program sharing, browser tab sharing, file transmission, chat, meeting minutes, recording features, etc.
  • Support a feature to change the screen layout of the multiparty video conference
  • Support features to control and delegate attendee access rights and to mute microphone or speaker

Convenient conference management

  • Support of features for conference reservation, view scheduled conferences, view conference history, accept or decline conference invitation via email, meeting notification via email, etc.
  • Convenient schedule management by linking with the Outlook or Google Calendar

Installation & Usage Guide

Please inquire via email for the installation and usage guide.
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More than 2015,000 KRW per user (excluding VAT)
More than 5011,000 KRW per user (excluding VAT)
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Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

Please inquire via email for the installation and usage guide.
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