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WebtoB is a next generation web server product that provides excellent functions in terms of performance and stability with innovative improvements on the structural problems of existing web servers.
It effectively solves the problems on the web such as latency of processing speed or server failure as it was designed to be appropriate for processing large scale transactions.
As a web server, it provides not only the basic features, but also powerful performance in case of a security breach, failure response, or large volume processing.


  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Middleware
  • Provides stable processing while consuming few server resources on large volume client requests
  • Provides load control and fail-over through clustering
  • Provides differentiated features (Web API, optimized link with JEUS, or output compression, etc.)

Certification and Other History

  • Release of WebtoB 5 on March, 2016
  • Received the quality certification mark GS (Good Software) in September, 2005
  • Received the Prime Minister's Award for meritorious enterprise in commercializing new technology in October, 2002
  • Acquired new technology (NT) certification in March, 2002 (WebtoB - Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • Selected as a world class product in February, 2002 (WebtoB - Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • Received the Jang Young Sil award in June, 2001 (WebtoB - Minister of Education, Science and Technology)

WebtoB is mainly composed of a system process web container, a server process, and an administrator tool.
WSM (WebtoB System Manager), an administrator tool is in charge of all processes within WebtoB, supports efficient operation of the system.

Product Details

Main Features

Stable Processing of Large Volume Transactions with a Distinct Architecture

WebtoB processes quickly and stably while consuming few resources when processing a large volume compared to ordinary web servers using an optimized service request distribution, called multiplexing, through a single process. In the case of other web servers, all services, such as HTML, CGC, and SSI can be handled in one process and cause an overload in the system from using too many resources for services that are not being used. In contrast, WebtoB separates the necessary services for service. You can set each of the services, such as HTML, CGI or SSI as a separate independent process to adjust the number of processes. Using this, resources can be used effectively and a system load can be reduced by configuring the process only with the services needed by the user.

Improved Web Service Efficiency with Intelligent Dynamic Load Balancing

· Request Queuing

Since there is a queue to store a large volume of requests, it acts as a buffer on JEUS to support stable processing without system interruption.

· Intelligent Dynamic Load Balancing

Also, it provides services by maintaining connection with JEUS at all times for communication.
As it is different from the connection method of ordinary web servers, such as Apache, load balancing is possible by instantly identifying the load status of JEUS from WebtoB.

Improved Processing Speed with Optimized Internal Communication of JEUS

Improved Reliability of Web Service and Improved Security without an Open Firewall Port

Communication is possible without opening a firewall port on incoming request so that you can drastically improve security when configuring an internal web system.

Enhanced Management Efficiency with Powerful Monitoring and Statistics

Convenience is provided through a management tool (web administrator and command line administrator) that is more powerful than any other web servers.

  • Provides a plenty of utilities for management, such as checking various status information or control when operating the system.
  • Feature to set a light file
  • Supports various types of status monitoring on server, service, and processes.

Installation & Usage Guide

A user manual is provided. You can receive technical support by purchasing a separate product with technical support.
Online Manual:


Monthly RatesStandardEnterprise
Per vCPU79,000 KRW139,000 KRW

* Since BYOL (Bring Your Own License) is possible in JEUS, please make a separate inquiry on quotes on various types of licenses.

* WebtoB 5 is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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