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An innovative digital mind map based tool
for work with visual insight into a project

Product Details

Main Features

Fast organization of ideas based on mind map

· Fast organization with simple actions: space, input, enter, and drag (structuring)
· Maintain service quality with monthly updates on data

Conversion of Hangul ↔ MS Office

· Automatic conversion of Hangul ↔ MS Office according to various types of forms to drastically reduce the document preparation time

Gantt chart to identify flow and priority

· Work flow, progress rate, priority, and resource management

Planner for managing goals and schedules

· Detailed schedule management with an overview of work
· Link with Google Calendar and Outlook Exchange (optional)

Innovative visual collaboration

· View per User, Chat, File sharing, Permission management, History management, Version management


A differentiated idea organization tool with 20 years of know-how

· Time-dependent process tree
· Automatic pasting and summarizing features
· Specialized features including map split/merge and creation of folder structure

Leader of the global standard of mapping

· World's first to provide link to the Gantt chart
· World's first to provide link with the planner
· World's first to provide Hangul and MS Office format conversion

Fastest and most stable collaboration feature (patented)

· Stable collaboration without decrease in speed even an increase of users using distributed processing
· Link to various systems including knowledge management and groupware

Operating various curriculum in the fields of work and study

· Operating the curriculum required on the job including idea conception, meeting, and project management
· Training of various learning methods including self-directed learning and project learning


Meeting innovation

· 50% reduction of time/cost
· As-Is (7 steps): Submit agenda-Summarize-Distribute-Meeting-Decide-Organize materials-Circulate
· To-Be (3 steps): Post agenda-Discussion-Decide and distribute (automatic meeting minutes)
· Improvement of concentration and creating new ideas

Clear work process and organization of manuals

· Visual connection of files and information related to the work process
· Simplified transfer of duties
· Utilized as a live knowledge management tool

Collection and sharing of work without requiring email

· Collection and organization of work by looking at the updated details at all times with the latest information
· Prevention of duplicate creation of file or work by sharing related documents and files at one place
· Sharing project goals and progress status instantly

Creative work planning and problem solving

· Creative planning and management through visual representation of the project that shows the complete overview and detail simultaneously
· Solving problems by laying out a lot of information at a glance and looking at the correlation
· Automatic conversion of proposals to reports


(Excluding VAT)
UserMonthly FeeNote
5 - 9 people15,000 KRW
10 - 99 people14,000 KRW
More than 100 employees13,000 KRWNo initial installation fee

· Initial installation (setup) fee of 300,000 KRW
· Make an annual payment and get two months free of charge
· The applicable product version is ThinkWise PQ Premium

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