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IoT platform is a technology that provides various smart services to consumers by utilizing integrated data generated by sensors. ThingPlus is an IoT platform that easily connects all sensors and networks to generate data, integrate, analyze, and utilize data. Based on our reliability and scalability, our customers are already experiencing satisfaction in various IoT business areas, such as Smart Factory, Smart Building, Smart Farm, and Smart Energy.

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Product Details

Thing+ Architecture

The Thing+ platform, which provides customers with quick and easy IoT service, consists of the following three elements.

  • Thing+ Embedded to connect various devices to the server infrastructure
  • Thing+ Cloud for analyzing, processing, and processing sensor data collected from connected devices and providing them to customers
  • Thing+ Portal to help user easily understand and use the processed data on PC or mobile browser

Thing+ Embedded

Thing+ Embedded provides general functions needed to connect devices to easily and quickly connect data collected from various devices to the ThingPlus server

Easy Device Connection

Fast and easy connection to IoT service by connecting to Thing+ server in the software layer level to various hardware devices, such as PLC, Sensor, Node, and Gateway

Support of Various Networks

Various networks are supported for the communication between the server and hardware, such as LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE, and Zigbee

Security Transfer and Data Recovery

TLS Data Transfer Security System
Automatic saving and recovery of data via sync function when offline

Thing+ Platform

General functions are provided to analyze, manipulate, and process data sent from devices and provide them to customers

Data Visibility Tool

Various graphs are provided to visually express various data flows

Range of Statistics and Analysis Functions

Various statistical and analysis report functions are provided for the need of the customer by linking with a third party service

Situation-based Control

Service control based on the desired conditions and real-time notification are provided

Thing+ Portal

General functions are provided so that the user can easily understand and use the processed data on the PC or mobile browser

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time monitoring of sensor data information of factories, farms, and buildings, remotely via internet connection anytime and anywhere

Notification and Reports

Real-time notification using SMS, push, and email for user-defined conditions (e.g. warning, error) and periodic statistical report service

White Labeling

Themes and logos customized to the customer and services are provided along with a separate domain

Thing+ Main Feature

Main Features of Thing+

Setup and Management of Rules

Efficient environment management and accident prevention is possible using notifications optimized for the user, such as PC alarms, text messages, and emails, according to various risk factors set by the user

  • Severity of rule notification
  • Show notification timeline
  • Multiple condition rules

Data Analysis of Charts and Statistics

Easy comparison analysis and use of sensor data using the sensor data analysis tool

  • Data comparison using multi-chart graphs
  • Machine learning analysis
  • Statistical analysis based on conditions, such as periods

Diverse Data Visualization

Various widgets are provided that can represent sensor data to visualize data in the form desired by the user

  • Various graph widgets, such as line chart, pie chart, and bar chart
  • Various responsive widgets in various sizes
  • Group widgets that can group sensors for view

Thing+ Vertical Solution

Main services per sector provided by Thing+

Smart factory

Smart energy

Smart farm

Smart building

Thing+ Media

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Thing+ User Guide

Technical Support

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Use Cases

Company H in the Refrigeration Industry

Monitoring Refrigerator and Freezer Storage

  • Real-time management of temperatures in refrigerator and freezer storage
  • Continuous measurement & analysis of temperature throughout the storage to prevent damage to product quality caused by the temperature change
  • Collection and storage of the storage environment data for ensuring the quality of the stored products and responding to related regulations
  • Install LoRa device

Kumamoto Watermelon Farm

Monitoring of greenhouse environment and security monitoring

  • Real-time provision of greenhouse information (temperature, humidity, CO2)
  • Immediate notification upon door unlocking via the door sensor for theft prevention
  • Install LoRa device

Air Conditioning Installation Company M

Real-time control on air conditioning on apartments

  • Real-time provision of air conditioning equipment information (voltage, current, pressure, temperature)
  • Administrator is notified when an issue occurs so the administrator can remotely control the settings value
  • If the issue is not resolved, the administrator immediately goes to the site
  • Install LoRa device

H Building in Chungmuro

Real-time monitoring on office electricity

  • Real-time provision of office information (power, voltage, current, power factor, leakage)
  • Real-time provision of peak electricity use
  • Install Wi-Fi device

Culture Convergence Building in Sungsoo

Motion detection monitoring on building stairs

  • Motion detection on building stairs
  • Notify security personnel upon detection of motion in stairs without access control between 00 AM-02 AM
  • Install LoRa device

Monitoring of leak detection in the heating cable controller on the cooper pipes

  • Detect leakage in the controller equipment
  • The customer had installed a heating cable system to prevent the burst of the water pipe that is installed outside of the third floor cafeteria. But were worried that a leak would occur due to rain or snow on the external controller, and cause malfunction on the controller, causing the pipes to rupture. Thus the controller was installed within the device to notify staff upon leakage detection
  • Install LoRa device

Monitoring indoors exhibition hall

  • Real-time management of the indoor status (temperature, humidity, CO2, fine dust)
  • Notify the staff when levels exceed the recommended levels by the Ministry of Environment
  • Install LoRa device

Real-time monitoring on cooling and heating equipment

  • Real-time provision of electrical usage on 115 equipment
  • Provided as a service that charges cooling and heating fee for each store
  • Linked with the system data of air conditioning company L to accurately collect and calculate the operation time
  • Install Wi-Fi device

Monitoring the floating population around the building

  • Sum up the floating population around the building
  • Hourly and daily data is provided to be used for deciding the location for promotional events and pop-up stores
  • Install LoRa device

S Hospital in Bundang

Monitoring the vaccine and blood refrigerator

  • Real-time management of refrigerator temperatures
  • Collection and storage of the refrigerator environment data for ensuring the quality of the stored products and responding to related regulations
  • Install Wi-Fi device

Banana Farm in Sangil-dong

House environment monitoring and equipment control

  • Real-time provision of greenhouse information (temperature, humidity, CO2, light amount)
  • Remote control of ventilation walls, watering equipment, and heaters
  • Install LoRa device

S Building in Centum Busan

Control of cafe's cooling and heating equipment

  • 9 cooling and heating equipment were linked with the indoor monitoring system to control power and operating mode according to temperature and humidity
  • Install MacBee device

Gas and fire detection monitoring in cafes and meeting rooms

  • Fire detection based on gas or smoke in cafes and meeting rooms
  • Smoke detectors installed around meeting room appliances and lighting installation
  • Gas detectors installed next to the kitchen and carbon dioxide cylinders
  • Install MacBee device

Monitoring SOS calls

  • SOS call installed in every female bathroom stall
  • Service for customer convenience is provided in a place where CCTV cannot be installed for situations of having no toilet paper, in the event of an intruder, or etc.
  • Install MacBee device

Monitoring on leakage on cafe entrance

  • Notification is provided if water is detected on the cafe floor
  • Manager is notified if water is detected on the floor due to the concern of falling on the marble floors in the event of rain
  • Install MacBee device

Detection monitoring on the cafe back door

  • Detect of opening and closing of the cafe back door
  • Security detection executed after a certain time on the backdoor leading to the main building
  • Install MacBee device

Monitoring indoor cafe

  • Real-time management of the indoor status (temperature, humidity, CO2, fine dust)
  • Notify the staff when levels exceed the recommended levels by the Ministry of Environment
  • Install MacBee device

Monitoring cafe meeting room

  • Check whether a user exists in the cafe meeting room
  • Check for user in the meeting room to utilize information for the paid meeting room service, such as cleaning
  • Install MacBee device