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This is a cloud-based attendance cost management solution for shortening the lead-time in statement processing and managing the 52-hour workweek system.
You can check in or out from mobile anytime and anywhere, and use the paperless accounting feature by linking with the company card.

Product Details


Attendance management

As a system where employees check-in and out their work times, the system is linked with MIS to automatically reflect the details related to attendance, such as travel, training, annual leave, and paid holiday. It is also linked with the access card system to prevent authentication by a third party or other false authentication methods.

Management of company card expenses

Transaction details of the company card are received from the credit card company (taxation by business type if processed beforehand). An approval is requested to the team leader via T&E, the statement is automatically created in MIS.

Management of Operation Rate and Earnings Rate

Employees can directly input the M/M of the current team or project to keep the operation rate or earnings rate of all employees up-to-date

Product Details

Attendance management

  • Attendance time, status of annual leave, and remaining number of leaves can be checked
  • Enhances user convenience by supporting mobile web access
  • Monthly data management allows checking of total work hours and labor rate

Management of company card expenses


  • M/H sheet and costs are provided as an easy-to-see chart
  • Total and accumulations of expense for each person is shown as a table
  • Provides the current approval status

Time & Expense

  • Minimized user input items and prevention of human errors with automatic application of company card history
  • Automatic creation of statements when payment is complete for paperless transaction
  • Reduction of prime costs is possible as VAT refunds are available
  • Manage user permissions per prime cost code
    (Transparent prime cost management is possible as the user can only use the permitted prime cost)
  • Statement history created in Time & Expense can be viewed per period

Management of Operation Rate and Earnings Rate

Employees can directly input M/M of the current team or project to manage the MM, operation rate, and earning rate of all employees

Administrator page


  • Enhanced convenience of solution management with attendance management and functions for adding and deleting menus in dashboard
  • Permission management function per user is supported

Common Code Management

  • Items used in the system is made into common codes to enhance utilization of data



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