STON Edge Server Enterprise Edition

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It is deployed on the front inner-edge layer of the web server, which is the most economic location to reduce the backend load and optimize infrastructure performance.
Easily apply the solution with minimum configuration changes to the existing system and save costs.

Product Details

Main Features

Convenient and Highly Stable Inner-edge Layer Solution

Easily apply the solution with low risk without the need to change the change your configuration on the existing system.

Outstanding Effect for Reducing TCO

Experience the economic operation of backend infrastructure.

Faster In-memory, Event-Driven Contents without Logic Modification

Experience optimized resources with DB/WAS load reduction by edge layer caching.

Performance, Stability, Usability

Enjoy convenient usability features on the web-based management tool which provides proven performance and stability.

100% In-house Code Control

Enjoy fast application of your needs with a complete in-house created and controlled source codes.

Reasonable Prices

Pay for your usage only, without introduction costs, on a reasonable monthly license plan.

Detailed Features

On-the-fly Image Conversion Processing

Transmits image conversions in real time, such as resizing or cropping based on user requests.

On-the-fly Image Optimization

Optimizes original images in real time, based on user requests.

On-the-fly Video Processing and Transmission without Pre-editing

Edit or send (multi-trimming) the sections of original videos that you need on-the-fly or optimize them for mobile transmission. (packetizing)

Transmission through Real-time DRM

Apply DRM real-time from the transmission layer and send to users at an affordable cost.

Integrated Operation of On-Prem/Cloud

The solution is already operating stably in the existing data center environment and in various types of private/public clouds.

CDN Building Block

Directly build a Private CDN (e-CDN) as well as a Public CDN.

Accelerated HTTP/TLS Transmission

Handles data transmission of more than 10 Gbps. The operation is stable even under an environment of at least 50,000 concurrent users.

Memory Indexing

The solution was designed on a memory indexing-based high efficiency architecture for the drastic improvement of response speed.

Block Caching

Data required by the user is divided into blocks for caching so you can reduce data storage and transmission costs.

SSL/TLS Offloading

Enhances performance and reduces the load of backend resources while improving security through the handling of SSL/TLS.

Origin Shield

Protects backend resources and allows for a table service operation.

Web Management

Use a web-based management tool for added convenience.

Real-time Monitoring and Statistics

Clearly view the transactions in the edge layer using real-time monitoring and statistics that are provided in units by the second.

High Performance Memory-Only Mode

Utilize service acceleration without a disk in memory mode.

Convenient Security Features

Allow or deny policies with various conditions.

Vhost Virtual Link Feature

Enjoy uninterrupted service without the need to change the service domain when migrating from on-prem to a cloud environment.

Service Guide

· Online manual

· Video guide

· Product introduction


STON Edge Server is licensed at 300,000 KRW per month for solution usage so you can begin using it at an affordable price.

CategoryMonthly Usage Fee
1 Server License The STON license is based on the quantity of servers it is installed on regardless of the server specifications.
1 MonthThe monthly fee based on the number of server license uses. (No. of server licenses used x the license cost of 300,000 KRW)
1 HourAn hourly rate is provided for handling large scale events to reduce the overall cost.

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

* Standard type server or higher, Linux CentOS 6.5-6.9 or Ubuntu 10.04-16.04.2 LTS
* STON Edge Server Enterprise Edition v2.5.13 is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

· For general inquiries (Weekdays, 10 AM - 6 PM)

· For technical inquiries 070-4099-2185 (Weekdays, 10 AM - 6 PM)

Use Cases

Real Cases

Optimizes original images in real time, based on user requests.

Reduces database inquiry loads with a front caching layer.

Cuts and merges media files on-the-fly for easy video curation.