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Stibee is a solution optimized to enhance efficiency and performance of email marketing. It is able to create email optimized for mobile devices fast and easy without any help from developers or designers and you can check the reaction of subscribers on the delivered e-mail in real-time. In addition, features to enhance marketing performance, such as A/B testing, mail merging, and automatic emailing, are provided.

Product Details

Main Features

Main Features
  • Anyone can easily create an e-mail that is optimized to a mobile device without any help from developers or designers.
  • Additional features to increase marketing performance (such as A/B testing, mail merging, and automatic emailing) are provided.
  • Since it is charged with monthly fixed rates, you can use at an affordable price regardless of the number of sent emails.

Detailed Features

The Easiest E-mail Creation Tool

You can create emails fast and easy using drag and drop as if creating a presentation. Since it is possible to create optimized design results quickly without any help from developers or designers, you can reduce the time required to create an email and concentrate more on the content itself.

Mobile is Now the Preferred Platform for Emails

Stibee templates automatically adjust the layout to fit the screen size just like responsive websites. You can improve the performance of email marketing since even mobile users can easily check the details of the email.

Data is Key to Marketing

Not only the performance data of delivered emails is provided with a chart for easy understanding, but you can also check all behaviors and responses of subscribers such as open, click, or block sender on a real-time basis.

Automatically Sent Email (Scheduled to be Released in 2018 Q1)

You can send emails that are preset according to a behavior or condition, such as a welcome message for new subscribers, or recommended content for each area of interest. Implement automated marketing with a simple setup.

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Max. No. of Subscribers2,000 people2,000 people5,000 people10,000 people25,000 people50,000 people100,000 people100,000 people or more
Monthly No. of Deliveries2 times4 timesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly Usage Fee (Including VAT)Free9,900 KRW29,000 KRW39,000 KRW99,000 KRW190,000 KRW370,000 KRWPlease make a separate inquiry.
Mobile Optimized TemplateOOOOOOOO
Real-time Statistics by Each SubscriberOOOOOOOO
Mail Merge 3)XXOOOOOO
Webhook on Contacts, API 5)XXOOOOOO
Automatic E-mail
(Scheduled to be Released During the First Quarter of 2018)
  1. 1) This is the method of expressing the editing screen which is identical to the final outcome. You can instantly check how the final outcome is shown as you edit the email.
  2. 2) This is a feature for sending the version with better performance after testing two different versions.
  3. 3) This is a feature to send an email by inserting different content into its title or body for each subscriber. You can insert the name of a subscriber to the email title.
  4. 4) This is a feature for extracting HTML code from emails. You can post the email created from Stibee on the web or use it.
  5. 5) This is a feature to link the member database and Stibee contacts. You can automatically add new members to Stibee contacts.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 070-4617-6176 (11:00 – 16:00)