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Avast is a globally recognized antivirus solution that provides powerful protection features on various Linux platforms in addition to Windows and Mac.
It is a high performance antivirus that supports real-time monitoring.

Product Details

Product Description

Supports various Linux platforms with high performance vaccine supporting real-time monitoring feature

Avast for Linux server supports various platforms as a high performance solution. The components of the product are distributed with the standard software package of Linux and supports Ubuntu (Deb)/ RedHat (RPM). And it supports 64-bit OS as well as 32-bit. Avast provides real-time protection through its independent community IQ accumulated from 250 million devices around the world.

Main Features

Various Scanning Methods

Avast Core Edition supports manual scanning on the file system as a core scanner. It also supports a scan integrated with AMaViS for harmful contents can be scanned from the email server. It provides real-time monitoring feature on SMB or NFS shared folders.

Prompt Response on New Threats

Avast responds to latest threats real-time using the CommunityIQ that holds about 250 million devices around the world.

Support for 64 Bit Linux Operating System

The 32-bit Linux operating system (x86) as well as the new 64-bit Linux operating system (x64) are supported.

SMB and NFS Support (Avast File Server Edition)

Using real-time monitoring feature of the Fanotify module, real-time monitoring and quarantine features are supported on shared folders, such as SMB or NFS.

Detailed Features

Product Comparison

특징Core EditionFileserver Edition
Antivirus Engine가능가능
Manual Scan가능가능
Real-time Scan가능
CentOS 6/RedHat 6가능가능
CentOS 7+/Ubuntu12+가능
Display upon DetectionStandard DisplayRecorded as log
Handling Method upon DetectionNot handledQuarantined

Outstanding Detection with High Performance Antivirus Engine

Avast has 100% detection of ITW (In The Wild) viruses and boasts of its detection rates on Trojan viruses with minimized misdiagnosis. The Avast antivirus engine has been honored with various awards including ICSA and VB 100.

Support for Compressed File Scan

Avast scans files stored inside the compressed files. Supported compressed file formats are ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, ZOO, RAR, ARJ, and the LHA/LZH. MIME format is also supported for scanning email contents. However, CAB and NTFS streams are not supported since they are exclusively used for Windows OS.

Latest Virus Database Update

Avast updates to the latest virus database using its CommuntyIQ. Periodic updates are supported through Cron. Or the administrator can execute the update command directly.

Installation & Usage Guide


Product TypeMinimum Operation EnvironmentUsage Fee (Month)
1 vCPU , 2 GB of memory or higher (Compact server type or higher)
Core Edition47,000 KRW / 51,700 KRW(VAT Excluded)
Fileserver Edition59,000 KRW / 64,900 KRW(VAT Excluded)

Avast Core Edition 2.2.0-1.x86_x64 Avast Fileserver Edition 1.0.11-1.x86_x64
To use a different version, please contact technical support (1661-9331).

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

Please see the following table for technical support and product inquiries.

CategoryScope of SupportSupport TypeContact
Product Maintenance * Failures occurred during product installation (Product installation is not supported)
* Failures occurred in the middle of after product installation
Phone or email 1661-9331 (Weekdays, 10 AM - 5 PM)
Malware Response Report of malware generated/verified during product operation Email or Avast website for reporting malware
Report of Misdiagnosis Report of misdiagnosis generated/suspected during product operation Email or Avast website for reporting misdiagnosis
Visiting Support Paid Support Visit support for problems other than product failure 1661-9331 (Weekdays, 10 AM - 5 PM)
Product Inquiry Avast product inquiry Phone or email 1661-9331 (Weekdays, 10 AM - 5 PM)