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SmartUC is a solution for sending Notification Talk and Friend Talk for KakaoTalk Biz messaging for enterprises.
SmartUC is an integrated solution for KakaoTalk, text messages, and bulk email. It sends mass messages (Notification Talk, Friend Talk, SMS, LMS, MMS) and emails at high speed by linking with your DB, and provides statistics on automatic and individual send results by linking with a legacy system for reporting. The service can be provided as a solution, web ASP, or an Agent-DB linkage type.

Product Details

Main Features


· Specialist in operating message services and system building messaging for more than ten years
· B2B customer service in various fields such as finance, logistics, and the public sector
· Largest partner of Kakao partners in Korea – LGCNS
   - More than 100 million message transmissions per month / separate operation of servers for each industry


· Provides an integrated service for KakaoTalk, text messages, and 080 call block
· Provides various use methods, such as a web service, server linking, or build service
· Sends text messages in case of KakaoTalk failure
· Provides blocked sender management on text messages and automatic exclusion of message receipts


· The Kakao Notification Talk server is connected with LGCNS system via a dedicated backbone network
· Guarantees stability of service with redundant configuration of all lines
· Enhances security on the network separation data of the DMZ and the internal network
· Encrypts by using the ARIA algorithm of the National Intelligence Service between the agent and message

Detailed Features

Basic Package

Sending Messages

· Text messages (SMS,LMS, MMS)
· KakaoTalk messages (Notification Talk and Friend Talk)
· Individual, bulk, and scheduled sending
· Alternate sending (Alternate fields such as name/point)
· Group send on web contacts
· Group send on Excel contacts
· Group send by linking with SQL DB

Message Management

· Registration/examination management of Kakao notification templates
· Registration of frequently used messages

Message Statistics

· Statistics per item/day/month
· Provides statistics graph
· Provides a download feature in Excel

Linkage with Legacy System

· SQL DB linkage- HR DB linkage
· SQL DB linkage- Member DB linkage

System Management

· Management of usage by user/department
· Management of permission by user/department
· Management of statistics by user/department
· Bulletin (notification, inquiry)


· 080 call block filtering
· Encryption of communication section (SSL)
· VPN linkage
· Two-factor login authentication (SMS OTP and notification OTP)
· Civil service notification (Saeol administration)
· Library notifications on returns (public book management)
· SmartEMS, a bulk email solution

Service Usage Guide

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Individual quotation provided through prior consultation

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

· CentOS 6.3 or later
· Windows 2008 or later
· Mysql 5.6 or later
· MS-SQL 2008 or later
· Multi-browser support
(Recommended - Windows7 or later IE 9 / 10 / 11)
· WAS with support for J2EE6 specification
· Default WAS – Tomcat 7

· 2v CPUs and 4 GB or high is recommended.
· SmartUC solution supports various types of open source based operation environments.
· SmartUC4.0 is the product version applied.

Technical Support

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