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SmartMail is an enterprise mail solution built on the knowledge of making a messaging system and operating it. Its security and stability are proven through by its clients who are major Korean companies various companies and organizations within the financial sector and the public sector. It can be linked with various email security solutions and is equipped with the scalability for an upgrade.

Product Details

Main Features

· Complies with the security guidelines of the public sector, financial sector, and the National Intelligence Service
· Optimized interface for work environment
· Features designed around work pattern
· Distribution structure/automatic recovery verified at the portal
· Verified email engine (100 emails/sec)

· Secure email using password
· Encrypted storage of original text/protection filter for internal information
· Various email management policy settings
· Email management by domain for mega companies
· Support for various network linkage/network separation methods

Detailed Features

Basic Package


· Total support for multiple languages based on Unicode
· Regular emails, bulk emails, and scheduled emails
· Feature to store search conditions and classify tags
· Split screen
· Email read receipt
· Cancellation of sent mail
· Email flagged (*) for importance
· Displays the originating country of the email and routing locations
· Management of connection history
· Protection filter for internal information


· High performance email service
· Client support for standard emails

Organization chart

· Synchronization to HR DB
· Auto-complete

Options Package

· Integrated email security solution (spam email blocking solution)
· Email archiving solution

Address Book

· Personal contacts, public contacts
· Auto-complete
· Import/export contacts

Installation & Usage Guide

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Individual quotation provided through prior consultation

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

· CentOS 6.3 or later· Oracle 10g or later
· PostgreSQL 9 or later
· MS-SQL 5.5 or later
· Multi-browser support
(Recommended - Windows7 or later IE 9 / 10 / 11)
· WAS with support for J2EE6 specification
· Default WAS – Tomcat 7
· WebLogic, WebSphere, JEUS, JBOSS
  • 2v CPUs and 4 GB or high is recommended.
  • SmartMail V8 is the product version applied.

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