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SmartConnect is a professional cloud contact center SaaS solution based on Pure Engage from Genesys, a global CTI expert solution.
Leverage your contact center infrastructure with SmartConnect – known for its world-renowned reliability, unlimited scalability, and interoperability with a wide range of solutions- and you have the opportunity to keep your focus on your business.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Soft Switch (IP PBX based on Software)
  • Inbound / Outbound / Inbound & Outbound Blending Mode
  • IVR function
  • Recording function
  • Statistics and monitoring
  • Counseling application
  • (HA: High Availability)
  • Pure Softphone
  • SRTP support (Option)

Components and Features

  • SIP Servers provide a Five-Nine (99.999%) level of stability
  • All systems are configured for high availability (HA)
  • Binary communication lines
  • Secured web type web server
  • Call center agent has a PC + headset (No hardware IP phone)

Standard service system

The standard type refers to a system that can be quickly applied to business using predefined system configurations and templates.

  • For customer-centered inbound work
  • For same business type, same work process
  • Mainly for customers with less than 30 seats
  • Minimized customization

Customized service system

The Hybrid Cloud method can be configured with consideration to the diversity and communication environment of customers demanding customization, and it supports customization processes, such as interconnection of existing consulting application, IVR scenario composition, and specially required statistics.

  • Supports various interface environments that emphasize security (SIP, SRTP, SSL VPN, IPSec VPN, etc.)
  • For customers who want to migrate their local assets to a cloud environment
  • Use a bring your own licenses (BYOL) policy to save money
  • Additional customization costs based on customer needs
  • Meets public institution requirements utilizing the public cloud environment of the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM


Basic charge (including VAT)Communication charge (VAT included)
Subscription feeNoneBasic chargeNone
StandardMonthly 132,000 KRW / Seating Call from mobile phone14.3 KRW/10 seconds
CustomizedMonth 165,000 KRW / SeatingCall from regular phone42.9 KRW/180 sec
CustomizationSeparate consultationCall from internet phone42.9 KRW/180 sec

Basic Service Policy

  • Three-month policy (basic)
  • Postpaid plan
  • Cancellation within the contract period will incur a penalty
  • Discounts based on size and conditions (Benefits for long-term contracts)
  • Provides free consulting
  • Hybrid Cloud environment support

Technical Support

Product, Consulting, Technical Support Inquiries

  • Phone: 02-581-3344
  • Mobile: 010-5352-5707
  • Email:

Examples of utilization

Customers may have concerns about the following issues, but these have already been addressed and resolved through proven solutions and experience./p>


PC (Softphone) + Headset configuration and SSL VPN

Storage location of DB & Da

Customer’s Site or NCP

IVR Scenario

Customizing including Legacy I/F


SSL VPN / IPSec VPN / Leased Line / TLS / SRTP / Secured Web / Firewall, etc

Hybrid environment

The Hybrid environment allows you to use only the necessary scale through interworking between the contact center and SmartConnect operated by the existing customer. It also suggests methods for operating temporary or specific tasks.

Alternative Disaster Recovery (DR) System

Use the hybrid configuration for the effect of DR center configuration. When a disaster occurs at the existing center, the call is switched to SmartConnect and the representative connects via the internet to minimize downtime.