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Improved mobile security with just one-time biometric authentication
As an authentication solution to verify the user with various types of biometric information of individuals, such as finger print or iris, you need to at least provide the same level of authentication standard as a public certificate.

Voice of Customers


'Main solution in the field of user authentication technology' and
'Top 10 FIDO authentication technology” of Gartner's Life Cycle 2017'

OVUM Consulting

'Easier and more convenient biometric authentication technology'


'The platform that supports various environments and authentication methods preferred by consumers'


'The solution to satisfy both user experience and security'

Uniqueness of Nexsign

Easy Authentication

We provide an authentication service to easily verify identity using fingerprint, facial, speech or iris recognition.

Enhanced Security

There is no danger of leaking biological data as authentication is carried out by the PKI (Public-Key Infrastructure) authentication system.

Various Authentication Services

You can apply for various authenticators such as mobile, OTP, and PIN for use in a wide variety of environments.

Easy Application

You can adopt the solution quickly and easily through standardized development toolkit and API. Convenient operation is possible through the web-based administrator portal.

Product Details

Key Point

Safely Protects Information from Security Threats

Protection of User Data

Not only does it safely protect the authentication service of the customer app through the App Hardening technology, but it also safely protects important user information by storing private key and biometric data required for user authentication into secure storage.

Abnormal User Blocking

The administrator is able to manage users by registering users who are using old version of the app or who are performing abnormal operations on a blacklist. If an abnormal user attempts authentication again, the risk of leaking information can be prevented by applying various to policies, such as reauthentication or blocking.

A Solution Verified in the MIN Markets

Acquisition of International Standard Certification

Not only did Samsung SDS Nexsign acquire FIDO Certification, which is an international standard specification of FIDO Alliance, but it has acquired a Common Criteria (CC) certification in addition to this which prove it to be secure and reliable.

Providing Stable Operation Service

Samsung SDS Nexsign has applied biometric data authentication to Samsung Pay of Samsung Electronics for the first time in the country. It has stably handled more than about 100 million mobile payment transactions each year.

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Acquisition of International Standard Certification

Nexsign acquired FIDO Certification which is an international standard specification of FIDO Alliance and is the only one among FIDO products to also acquire CC certification.

Applying High Security Technology

Applied with FIPS140-2 and SEAL to provide the best standard security environment.
* SEAL (Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer): The Secure Tunneling technology of Samsung SDS which supports user authentication and data protection from the application layer through all segments of transmission.

Safe Storage Space

Enjoy safer storage of data in TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) which is the safest area of the device's main processor. On top of the safety of a physical area, WBC (White Box Cryptography), keystore, and keychains are used for software area.
* WBC (White Box Cryptography): A software-based encryption key protection technology with enhanced security and lower costs that uses high level encryption algorithms.

Compliance with the PSD2 Technical Standard

It meets a powerful technical standard for customer authentication and a common security communication plan for online payment required by the European Banking Authority regulation.
* PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2): A regulation which requires the banks in Korea to openly reveal financial APIs, such as viewing accounts or transferring to third party operators. The regulation took effect in January, 2018.


Provide a multi-tenancy feature which enables easy policy-making and management by each tenant for SaaS operators. A stable service is possible even when a large scale tenant uses shared servers and additional servers can be used for tenants that require a high level of security.

Web Authentication of PC

Supports multi-platform which enables mobile biometric authentication even in a web environment on PC.

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