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Researchad provides information on online advertisements. Its statistics on the delivery methods (PC banner, mobile banner, and videos) and creative data can be utilized in many ways, including drawing up proposals for advertisers.

Product Details

Main Features

Media for Collection

Researchad collects from 115 media sources, including portal sites, press media, and community sites. However, for mobile apps, Researchad considers the top 250 apps for free downloads in the Android app store.

PC Banner Advertisements
Collects from 115 media sources

Mobile Banners
Collects from 114 m.webs
1,700 m.webs

Video Advertisements
Includes YouTube, Facebook, and SMR
Collects from 115 media sources

Advertisement Collection

Researchad automatically collects banners and videos in real time from PCs and mobile devices based on its self-developed collection engine (AD-Collector). It started with collecting PC banners in 2004, then gradually extended the collection target to the mobile Web in 2010, mobile apps in 2012, videos in 2016, and PC/video platforms in 2017.

Clipping engine

Advertisement Analysis

The advertisements collected real time are linked with a statistics analysis system and processed as the data for advertisers, brands, campaigns, and business types by going through a manual check by Researchad data analysts. In addition, the business types are classified following the standard of Korea Onlinead Association (KOA) for the standards of online advertisements and Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) for the standards of traditional media.


The large database of Researchad can be utilized as data for analyzing an overview of the advertisement industry and analyzing competing advertisers and brands. The DataBase Service of Researchad is currently being used by online media, mobile platform companies, media representatives, SA agencies, DA agencies, and more.

Product Overview

ClassificationSingle Session ProductFixed Term Product
CharacteristicsA limited service to download an Excel file within 24 hours after logging inA database service that can be used without restrictions after logging in for 6 months or 12 months
Product DetailsPeriod: Past one year
Data: Advertiser/medium/campaign advertisement costs and materials
Period: 2015 - present
Fields: Can be selected according to user needs
Data: Advertisers/brands/business types/medium/platforms/campaigns
Advertisement cost and materials (landing image)
Product TypeABCDE
No. of Allowed AdvertisersUnder 5Under 10Under 15UnlimitedUnlimited
Usage Time24 hours after logging inUnlimitedUnlimited
Cost (Excluding VAT)1,000,0002,000,0003,000,000See the table on usage feesSee the table on usage fees
Documents to SubmitBusiness registration certificateApplication for new IP registration, application for number of users, business registration certificate
Submission MethodEmail scanned documentEmail scanned document
Starting Date of Service2/21/20182/1/2018
Remark 1Data download not possible after available hoursGuaranteed period of use. Use once a month or more.
Remark 2The unused number of advertisers will automatically expireA ONE-DAY TEST is available after service demonstration.
Person in ChargeManager, Jiyeon Park:
Manager, Geunhyeong Choi:
Director, Bogyeong Han:
Contact Info.Tel: +82 (0)2-546-9692Tel: +82 (0)2-546-9692

Service Usage Guide

1. Single Session Product
Please use after downloading and reading the manual.

2. Fixed Term Product
Please contact below for inquiries.
Email Inquiries:


No. of UsersPC Banner(Option) Mobile Banner(Option) Video ClipMonthly Total6 Month Fee of D TYPE12 Month Fee of E TYPE
11,200,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month3,500,00021,000,00042,000,000
21,300,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month3,600,00021,600,00043,200,000
31,400,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month3,700,00022,200,00044,400,000
41,500,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month3,800,00022,800,00045,600,000
51,600,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month3,900,00023,400,00046,800,000
61,700,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month4,000,00024,000,00048,000,000
71,800,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month4,100,00024,600,00049,200,000
81,900,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month4,200,00025,200,00050,400,000
92,000,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month4,300,00025,800,00051,600,000
102,100,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month4,400,00026,400,00052,800,000
11~152,500,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month4,800,00028,800,00057,600,000
16~202,700,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month5,000,00030,000,00060,000,000
Over 203,300,000 per month1,200,000 per month1,100,000 per month5,600,00033,600,00067,200,000

(Excluding VAT, Unit-KRW)

  • The Researchad service is divided into a basic service (PC banner) and an optional service (mobile or video).
  • When using one optional service, based on five users, the 6-month fee of 14,000,000 KRW and the 12-month fee of 28,000,000 KRW (excluding VAT) will charged.
  • When using two optional services, based on five users, the 6-month fee of 20,460,000 KRW and the 12-month fee of 40,920,000 KRW (excluding VAT) will be charged.
  • Additional fees will be charged for any services added in the future.
  • If you choose the D or E Type, the usage fee will be deducted from the Naver cloud credit each month for the duration of the applicable period. (Early termination is not allowed.)

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Phone: +82 (0)2-546-9692 (Weekdays, 9 AM - 6 PM)
  • e-mail :