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PetaSQL uses an OLAP set, column-oriented storage method for real-time data analysis and retrieval, but supports next-generation data processing structures that can be simultaneously used for OLTP and OLAP tasks through parallel processing and transaction processing.

“Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence DBMS“
“Security Column Based RDBMS“

Product Details

Main Features

Column Stored Structure Ideal for
Data Warehouse and OLAP
  • By optimizing mass data tasks, such as saving, retrieving, and querying, it can improve data insertion and loading speed by 300%, performance of data queries and analysis speed by 7,000%, and increase storage efficiency by 10-20%.
Multi-core Processor Support
  • Increases usage efficiency of system resource through multi-processor and multi-core support.
JDBC & ODBC Driver
  • Provides management, development expansion, and convenience through JDBC and ODBC driver.
Write-protection for Database
  • Limits permission per application by using not only an ID and password for user authentication but also by using an application authentication protocol.
Dedicated Tool for PetaSQL
  • A built-in text-based client is provided to maximize development and management efficiency using Orange, a dedicated tool for PetaSQL.
Replication Function
  • Supports real-time data replication to improve operational data availability.
Data Warehouse / Data Mart
  • Optimal solution for large-volume data analysis.
DB/Network Security Solution Repository
  • Optimal solution for real-time storage and analysis of mass data
Standard SQL Support
  • Supports standard ANSI SQL 2003 standards except for system commands. So, you don't need to learn new syntax, rather just simply make queries using the same syntax as other widely used RDBMSs, such as MySQL, Oracle, and MS-SQL.
Various DBMS Package Support
  • Supports MySQL stored procedure, function, and triggers, as well as arithmetic functions.
  • Various dictionaries are provided so you can easily check PetaSQL status and performance.

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