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Orange – S (Webpage Snapshot) improves transmission speed when images are loaded by dividing long images into fixed units. It also secures optimized network traffic by transmitting content suitable for the screen, and accommodates the resolutions of all screens with a layout of specified size.

Product Details

Main Features

Building a Dedicated Process for Mobile Images

1. Can specify rule or size with a dedicated mobile process
2. Provides a real-time response, such as an SMS, in the event of a failure
3. Provides admin/statistics feature

Product Description Capture, Slicing, and Resizing

1. Creates product specifications in consideration of the mobile device screen
2. Supports in-memory automatic snapping
3. Image slicing/resizing/optimizing
4. Unlimited calls of images from mobile apps and the web (minimized traffic)

Supports Video URL/Flash Parsing Features

1. Supports auto-parsing of video/flash within the product description (Flash/videos within the original can be played on mobile)

Block Diagram

Lower Operating Costs

Before Application
Traffic Volume3.00TB
PC Cable Connection Rate55.00%
Mobile Connection Rate45.00%
a) Average Volume per Detailed Page1,500.00KB
b) Mobile Traffic1.35TB
After Application
C) Average Volume per Sliced Page after Snapping60.00KB
d) Average Number of Sliced Pages after Snapping15.00Page
e) Average Halfway Deviation Rate of Detailed Page after Snapping20.00%
*f) Average Volume of Detailed Page after Snapping180.00KB
**g) Mobile Traffic0.16TB
h) Traffic Volume1.81TB
Reduced Traffic1.19TB

*f = c x d x e
**g = f / a x b
* Based on about 12 million detailed mobile pages for Company A with a total volume of 17 TB, average resized image capacity of 60k, an average of 15 sliced images, and a mobile connection rate of 45%.


Regardless of the server specifications, licenses cost 300,000 KRW per month, depending on the number of installed servers. There is no added initial cost.

<Excluding VAT>
Product NameUsage PriceNote
Orange - S
Convert Caching SNAP Server Core license
300,000 KRW/ServerFees depend on the number of installed servers.

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

You can use both standard and high-memory servers. It is recommended that you use Centos 6.3 (64-bit) or later.
* The applicable product version is v 3.14.15.

Technical Support

Product and Technical Support Inquiry

  • Email: (Weekdays 9 AM - 6 PM)
  • Telephone: 1522-8330