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Orange provides a wide range of features that developers will find helpful when building database-driven systems—for example, SQL creation, data retrieval, generation, modification, ER viewer, and PL/SQL development systems. Not only that, but it is an excellent tuning tool to improve database monitoring and performance, the primary tasks of a DBA.

"Simplifies database management and increases development speed, resulting in improved productivity."
"Provides various monitoring features to support a practical approach to the diagnosis of database performance bottlenecks."
"Equipped with various database development tools and effective convenience features."

Product Details

Main Features

Provides Various Tools
  • Uses various tools such as Space Manager, Security Manager, Stats Manager, Instance Monitor, and Health Check to maximize DBA performance and minimize administrative burdens
  • The schema browser allows you to see all the objects in the database and the cross-reference relationships at a glance
  • Powerful editing capabilities to write SQL and PL/SQL, source control for multi-user support, and automatic exchange with PL/SQL, and numerous development languages
  • Maximizes productivity with templates such as DML, DDL, PL/SQL control, structure, pseudo columns, and SQL functions
Utilization as Database Performance Tuning Tool
  • Provides an optimal database tuning tool to improve overall system performance by harmonizing data-processing elements of the system using SQL Monitor, Transaction, Trace, Plan Tool, and AWR Manager
Data Quality Management
  • Provides a quality-management feature for data analysis Data analysis is possible with redundancy profiling and pattern inspection, and data organization and modification are also possible
Online Reorganization Support
  • Enables the reorganization of tables and indices in high-availability environments and minimizes downtime when using online services
  • Advantages include saving disk space, improving I/O, relocation of tables/columns, and optimizing table space
Object Report Tool Support
  • Supports the creation of templates for easy generation of reports from items in the database
  • Users can choose specific templates to generate customized reports from items in the database

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VersionUsage Fee
Orange For Oracle DBMS V7 Standard Edition1,300,000 KRW/copy
Orange For Oracle DBMS V7 DBA Edition2,000,000 KRW/copy
Orange For xxx DBMS V7 Standard Edition1,300,000 KRW/copy
Orange For xxx DBMS V7 DBA Edition2,000,000 KRW/copy
Orange For MSSQL DBMS V7 Standard Edition1,000,000 KRW/copy
Orange For MSSQL DBMS V7 DBA Edition1,700,000 KRW/copy

xxx supported databases are as follows:



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