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Odoo is the fastest developing open-source ERP in the world and most convenient to use.
You can use Odoo anytime, anywhere as it is a web-based system created with high scalability for use by small businesses to enterprise businesses. Odoo has all features you need for the business, such as
sales management, CRM, project management, inventory management, production management, accounting, HR management, commerce, and POS.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Not a simple ERP, but an all-rounded business solution.
  • As an open-source ERP at a reasonable cost, small or large business operation is possible.
  • Customizing is convenient and can be applied to any business models.
  • Getting assistance is easy with its large and active community.
  • You can receive a reliable support with its 650 partner companies worldwide.
  • You can use Odoo for your work anywhere as it is web-based and even on your smartphone, thanks to its responsive design.

Detailed Features

Sales Service

  • CRM: Provides online quotations, scheduling, VoIP, and real-time dashboard.
  • Sales: Enables management of all processes from easy online quotation, electronic signature, online payment, etc.
  • POS: Operates in all devices through a royalty program, logistics link, and a web-based interface.

Enterprise Management Service

  • Purchase: Enables convenient supplier management and purchase management with an automatic purchase feature.
  • Project: Provides features for agile project management, graphs, and project management features.
  • Logistics: Provides features, such as the most contemporary logistics management, drop shipping, and numerous warehouse management.
  • Accounting: Provides features for invoice management and sales & purchase management

Online Service

  • Blog: Allows establishment of marketing strategy without the knowledge of coding.
  • E-commerce: Provides responsive web design, direct creation of contents, open market link, and various shipping services.
  • Website: Allows creations of a creative website by creating contents without the knowledge of HTML.


Solution (Free)

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

UsageTypeSpecificationsAmountOS VersionApplication Info
Web/DB ServerStandard SSD Server48GB100GB2Ubuntu 16.0.4 64-Bitnginx 1.10.3Python 2.7PostgreSQL 9.5.8
ServicePublic IP1

* The above is a recommended configuration. Server products may be reduced or expanded depending on the required scale.
* Odoo 9.0 is the product version applied.

Main Customers of Odoo

Hyundai, Toyota, Jamba Juice, DANONE, COX, etc.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Telephone: 070-4282-6561
  • Email:
  • Available Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM