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For IoT connection and message processing, NEURONIO can easily and quickly connect the physical nodes registered by the user in the browser environment without program coding to the flow UI, and provides a solution for deploying the set rules at runtime with a click of a button.

"Supports connection and message processing development between standard and private standard protocols in a GUI environment"
"Realizes IoT not dependent on specific technology–a platform environment for independent operation and development"

Product Details

Main Features

Easy Connection

Create devices, virtual devices, and external APIs into a single node, and connect interactions using drag and drop. Functions are provided so IoT developers only need to focus on message flow control.

Diverse Communication

Message structures that are different to the various send standards used in IoT, such as MQTT, TCP/IP, UDP/ IP, and HTTP, are provided so that mutual communication is possible on a single channel.

Convenient Tool

Developer tools are provided to reduce the time required to develop network programs, connect devices, and develop processing algorithms for the sent and receipt messages on the server-side.

Various Cooperation

In order to encourage participation in building IoT to our partners, we hide important IoT messages of the company and specify shared scope for better collaboration.

* For more details, refer to the website.

Installation and Usage Guide




Compact Platform2 units8 GB182,000 KRWSmall IoT Operation
2 units16 GB234,000 KRW
4 units8 GB219,000 KRW
4 units16 GB320,000 KRW


Standard Platform8 units8 GB328,000 KRWMedium/Large IoT and
web service operation
8 units16 GB410,000 KRW
8 units32 GB636,000 KRW
12 units16 GB455,000 KRW


Enterprise Platform8 units64 GB809,000 KRWEnterprise IoT
Build operation
16 units64 GB1,136,000 KRW
8 units128 GB1,427,000 KRW
12 units128 GB2,000,000 KRW

* The product can be scaled in or out depending on the IoT size.


To use a different version, please contact technical support (070-4337-3133).

Recommended Servers and Products

2v CPUs and 8 GB or higher is recommended.

Technical Support

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