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NETAND provides a security audit solution which enables strict control and supervision on users with control and management of permissions
for users accessing to the cloud server, and real-time monitoring and storage of log records on task details.

Product Details

Main Features

Same Level of Access Control as the Existing IT Infrastructure Environment Even in Cloud

The access control solution of NETAND controls and manages all access and tasks to a cloud server IT infrastructure operation system, enabling strict control and supervision of users with real-time monitoring and storage of log records on task details.

Easy Response to Difficult and Burdening Compliance Issues

It provides various audit reports related to user connection, task and management to respond to information security related regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act, Information and Communication Act or Electronic Financial Supervision Regulations. It also satisfies ISMS certification requirements, an information security management system review standard.

The Most Convenience without Barriers between Various Infrastructure Environments

It satisfies various types of user environments such as IPv6, Non Active-X, Windows, MAC, multi-language or multi-browser.

Block Diagram
Main Features

Detailed Features

Reinforced user authentication

  • Blocks access from IP or MAC addresses that have not registered for authentication
  • Able to apply additional OTP authentication as an option when logging in to the solution or connecting to individual systems
  • One time connection of session by issuing OTP → Unable to reconnect after logging out
  • Various authentication link APIs
  • Support for various authentication combinations (such as RAS OTP, public certificate and LDAP)

Access permission control

  • Personnel control by user, user group and account according to policy
  • Distribution and control of access right from the center (connection IP, connection MAC, possible connection time and 2-Factor authentication)
  • Various protocol support (Telnet, SSH, FTP, SFTP, rlogin or Windows Terminal Service) / unification of all remote access
  • Access control alert and automatic block to access when a user without permission connects to the cloud server

System command control

  • Command permission setting and control according to various conditions such as by group and by equipment
  • Enforcement of prohibited keywords through the White-list / Black-list method
  • Immediate warning and block to session upon entering a prohibited command
  • SMS / E-mail notification and approval request to the administrator upon entering an important command
  • History management on the commands used during operation

Real-time session control

  • Real-time monitoring on the sessions under operation
  • Immediate forced block to the session when there is illegal activity
  • Setting of operation time or idle time by date, day of the week, and time
  • Blocks sessions that exceed operation time

Task log recording and auditing

  • Log records storage on all task details from the moment of connecting to the cloud server until log out
  • Search of various storage log record statistics such as by user, system and command through view filter
  • Log view of TEXT type and video type
  • Speed control and split screen play while playing stored logs
System Flow Chart


ManagedManager Module NameManager Module PricingNode Quantity (Quantity of Supported Servers)Monthly Fee of Node (L/S)Remark
PSM for System
Manager Module
Monthly fee of
463,000 KRW
1 - 5 Node (L/C)110,000 KRW
  • Remote building as a general rule
  • There is a cost for an on-site building visit will be charged if there is a request to build by visiting (Inquire separately)
6 - 10 Node (L/C)200,000 KRW
11 - 20 Node (L/C)388,000 KRW
21 - 30 Node (L/C)564,000 KRW
31 - 40 Node (L/C)728,000 KRW
41 - 50 Node (L/C)880,000 KRW
51 - 100 Node (L/C)1,600,000 KRW
101 - 150 Node (L/C)2,280,000 KRW
151 - 200 Node (L/C)2,880,000 KRW
201 - 300 Node (L/C)3,840,000 KRW
301 - 400 Node (L/C)4,480,000 KRW
401 - 500 Node (L/C)4,800,000 KRW

· Example
In the case of a Manager Module 1 EA and 8 units of servers subject to management (Excluding server price for Manager installation)
→ Manager (463,000 KRW) + Server 8 Nodes (L/C) (200,000 KRW) = 663,000 KRW (Excluding VAT / Monthly Fee)

Recommended Server Specifications

  • CPU & Memory: 4 vCPU / 32G
  • DISK: 2TB
  • OS: CENTOS 7 Version

Technical Support

Installation & Technical Support Inquiries

Please contact below if you need technical support.

· Phone: 1899-6768 (Weekdays, 9 AM - 6 PM)

Solution Building Inquiries

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Phone: 02-2661-1410 (Weekdays, 9 AM - 6 PM)