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The Marketing Craft Report is a unified reporting solution that mass collects data from a variety of advertising channels.
You can easily and quickly create your own customized report forms, as well as provide innovative marketing insights through keyword gap analysis.

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Main Features

Integrated Analysis of Mass Data

Vast amounts of data from various advertising media are quickly exported and integrated into a smart plan.

Customized Report

Report templates customized to your needs are provided using the ad metrics of your choice.

Keyword Gap Analysis

By analyzing the quality of your keywords in use, you can gain an insight into CPC efficiency compared to your competitors.

Application Procedure


(Additional VAT, Based on 1 month)
TypeReport quantityAmount
M1001 ~ 100 reports700,000
M200101 ~ 200 reports1,200,000
M500201 ~ 500 reports2,500,000
M1000501 ~ 1000 reports4,000,000

* Separate consultation required for over 1,000 reports

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