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Magic Table is a data management & performance measurement solution for online marketers who manage various channels and measure performance.
With Magic Table, it is possible to manage the performance data of various channels in one place and apply various measurement techniques for performance analysis to gain performance insights.

Product Details

Main Features

Convenient Linking of Advertising Channel Data

  • You can link advertisement data using the ID and password information that manages the advertisement channel without additional development or need for technical support. Currently, you can automatically link advertisements from Naver, Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords.
    (You cannot control the deployment, such as new execution or suspension of advertisement.)
  • Auto Update on a Daily Basis
  • Upload File Formats

Various Performance Measurement Standards Provided

  • Various comparison standards necessary for the performance measurement of advertisements are provided.
    Thus marketers can set a target value to track as a team and compare performance using various comparison indices, such as overall average (daily/weekly/monthly), industry average, average by advertisement type, or advertisement by channel.

Detailed Features

More Convenient Comparison than Excel

It is possible to create dashboards and monitoring tables just by clicking various indices provided on each channel. The selected indices are calculated by comparing the average with the previous period and you can even create a new index by entering a calculation formula.

Visualization for Effective Data Search

Without having to configure settings to create charts, charts are created automatically on all linked data. Charts and data can be downloaded and utilized for preparing reports.

Ultra-Fast Response Processing

With a license purchasing method of web-based SaaS type, this service does not require separate server installation or technical support.
Also, a real-time issue tracker is applied so any issues in usage and issues are instantly reported to the Magic Table team.

Analysis of Correlation and Prediction Between Performance Indices

The correlation and estimated values between indices can be identified after applying statistical analysis models, such as the correlation analysis model or regression analysis model. The correlation and estimated values between the indices are provided automatically the user clicks on the relevant indices.

Magic Insight for Performance Measurement (Scheduled)

Statistical indicator is provided so the marketer can compare which performance led to which accomplishment. Compare and measure the marketer's performance accurately using the latest statistical indicators that provide information, such as performance statistics by business type, performance statistics by advertisement channel, or performance statistics by advertisement type.

Service Usage Guide

Service Usage Guide (Open Beta)
Demo Video (Open Beta)
Guide Document


Monthly Usage Fee1,000,000 KRW1,600,000 KRW3,600,000 KRWNegotiable
ChannelLinked ChannelNaver, DaumNaver, Daum, FacebookNaver, Daum, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YoutubeNaver, Daum, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube
Performance AnalysisStatistics by Advertisement Type/ChannelOOOO
Target KPI MonitoringXXOO
Prediction of PerformanceComparison of Estimated PerformanceXXOO
ReportFile OutputOOOO
OtherReal-time Inquiry/TrainingOOOO

* Can be negotiated depending on the functions and requirements
* Magic Table 1.0 is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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  • Telephone: +82 (0)70-8747-9523