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As the most popular e-commerce platform selected by major businesses throughout the world, more than 250,000 business models throughout the world
are implemented through Magento. Magento an open-source platform with unlimited scalability possessing double to quadruple features compared to other platforms.

Product Details

Main Features

  • Enables all links via a flexible solution structure and has scalability adequate for large scale websites without any problems.
  • Various websites are managed in one admin page and are optimized and localized for each country.
  • Supports various types of devices with a responsive web design and optimized for content management.
  • Magento has many of its own features and you can also find countless plug-ins in the Magento marketplace.

Detailed Features

Marketing & Promotion Tools

  • Upsell & cross sell features on related products
  • Flexible coupon or discount features that can be assigned to various stores, customer groups, times, products or categories.
  • Creation of unique coupons for each promotion to be used in online stores & easy monitoring of coupon usage
  • Various stages of pricing depending on the purchased quantity
  • SEO tool that is 100% search engine friendly
  • Providing convenient promotion management through the dashboard

Various Types of Management Features

  • Able to manage countless websites and stores from one management panel
  • Able to design using desired templates
  • A feature to support various types of languages and currencies
  • Calculation of tax rate per country, product type, and customer group

Product Management Features

  • A feature to manage single products, products with various options (size or color), and product bundles
  • A feature to set different pricing for wholesalers and retailers
  • A feature to sell virtual products and digital products (downloadable)
  • A feature to adjust product image size automatically and insert watermarks
  • A feature to view the review list for each product and check the approvals status

A feature for purchase, payment, and shipping

  • A feature for a single page payment
  • Able to purchase on a guest account
  • Able to use many shipping addresses within one order
  • Able to save to a shopping cart
  • Enables easy payment by saving credit card information
  • A feature to link with various shipping companies (UPS, Fedex, USPS, and DHL)

Order Management Features

  • A feature to create new orders, edit, and view from the management page
  • A feature to print shipment labels and invoices
  • A feature for order notification through e-mail
  • Able to enter re-orders from the management page

Customer account features

  • Customer account dashboard feature
  • Unlimited contacts list
  • Wish list feature
  • Order status and history feature
  • Default shipping address and payment setup features


Solution (Free)

Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

UsageTypeSpecificationsAmountOS VersionApplication Info
Web/DB ServerStandard SSD Server48GB100GB2CentOS 6.9 64-bitApache 2.2.15PHP 7.0.15MySQL 5.7.17
ServicePublic IP1

* The above is a recommended configuration. Server products may be reduced or expanded depending on the required scale.
* magento2 is the product version applied.

Main Customers of Magento

Burger King, Nike, Olympus, Ghirardelli, Bazaar, Paul Smith, Rosetta Stone, etc.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

  • Telephone: 070-4282-6561
  • Email:
  • Available Hours: 9 AM - 6 PM