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WPS sends location information with less than a 15 m average error margin anywhere in the country
based on the surrounding Wi-Fi signal queried from the mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet.
Use WPS to get an accurate position even when GPS is not available or when you are indoors.
Also, track the location of IoT devices, and provide differentiated contents or target advertisements according to the location of a smart device.

Product Details

Features of the Solution

High Service Quality

· Accurate location service anywhere in Korea based on 20 million Wi-Fi access points nationwide
· Maintain service quality with monthly updates on data

Easy Use

· Easily utilize location information with REST API
· No restriction on device OS

Stable Service

· Handle large volume traffic
· Fast response speed of about 100 ms

Main Features

· Get latitude and longitude coordinates via queries based on the surrounding Wi-Fi signals
· Get error information on location measurements
· Get floor information in addition to the latitude and longitude coordinates of major shopping mall complexes (First in Korea)


(Excluding VAT)
Usage LevelFees per API Calls
0–1,000 calls Free
Over 1,000 calls 2 KRW/call

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

Use Cases

Real Cases

Kid's Watch

Knowing the location of children is one of the important purposes for using Kid's Watch. Using the WPS of Loplat, you can get precise location information at the center of the city. You can even get the floor information in large indoor areas of multi-floor structures, such as major shopping mall complexes, and get added value of the Kids' Watch.

Rental Business of Educational Tablets

Losing a device has a huge impact on profits in a high-priced educational tablet rental business.
But it was difficult to find out where the device was lost because helpful features, such as GPS, were not supported for the most part. With WPS, it is possible to respond to the reports of lost devices by tracking the most recently used location.