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Visitor analysis is a given! Through the advertising performance measurement! We show you how to make your ads.
Livelog is an advertisement performance measurement solution.
If the existing analytics were providing services by placing emphasis on tracking visitors, Livelog is a solution that provides services by placing emphasis on each advertisement and medium.
You can detect leaking advertising costs through Livelog and also gain various types of performance, such as automatic selection of high-quality advertisement media.

Product Details

Main Features

Real Report

  • Measures the advertising effect instantly by reflecting data in real time (5 minutes) (Other companies: 2-hour delay)
  • Tracks visitors and reflects data in real time
  • Reflects the conversion test by each advertising medium in real time

98% Data Tracking Rate

  • Resolves data leakage, a weakness of the existing analytics tools (Other companies: data leakage rate of more than 10%)
  • Enables real-time marketing response
  • Presents a guide on effectively operation the marketing budget

Perfect Control of Indirect Conversion

  • Feature to set the valid visiting time to distinguish direct conversion and indirect conversion
  • Enables real-time marketing response
  • Presents a guide on effectively operation the marketing budget

Indirect N-PAY Tracking Feature

  • Feature to track the path on N-Sales to see which path was selected by which visitor to make payments using N-PAY

Detailed Conversion Data

  • Provides conversion tracking data that is different from existing analytics tools
  • Shopping Mall: Name, IP, amount of payment, order number, time of payment, OS of inflow, channel of inflow and keyword of inflow
  • CPA business type: Name, IP, consultation details, sign-up time, OS of inflow, funnel, and keyword of inflow

Efficiency Analysis of Advertisement Media

  • Efficiency index of media and success rate of conversion, etc.
  • Provides efficiency data of the advertisement medium in use


Real Report: Reflects All Data in Real Time

All data of Livelog is based on real-time data. It is not an overstatement to say that statistics is a race against time. We instantly provide data for each visiting session including IP, funnel (medium), keyword of inflow, and time of inflow. Just click refresh!

  • Various visitor tracking tests and real-time confirmation
  • Real-time confirmation of the conversion tests by each advertising medium
  • Visitor (by IP) report on inflow details (All data)

High Accuracy: Low Leakage Rate! High Accuracy!

Livelog has been around for just 2 years. But! We help advertisers set the direction of advertisements by reflecting the statistics data with over 95% accuracy, ensuring integrity for tracking and reports.

  • Accurate measurement of efficiency on the conversion data of advertising media
  • Accurate identification of high-quality advertising media
  • Efficient management for your advertising budget

Indirect Conversion Tracking: Direct/Indirect Conversion Tracking Setting by each Advertising Medium

Livelog enables precise measurement of the advertisement effect by providing a feature to set the time for direct or indirect conversion by each advertising medium. You can also find the overlapping advertising costs, including excessive advertising costs!

  • Detection of leaking advertising costs
  • Recommendation for high-quality advertising media
  • Detection of overlapping charges on advertising costs

In addition, Livelog provides a feature to set the time for direct or indirect conversion by each advertising medium.

NPAY Tracking
Provides a report by tracking which path a user used to enter and click the NPAY payment button.
Detailed Conversion Data
Provides the conversion-tracked result data in detail unlike the existing analytics.
Visit Details
Analysis of the visiting medium is possible by providing all details of past visits via conversion-tracked visits.

Service Usage Guide


(Excluding VAT)
Section (Basis: page view (monthly total))1 month prepayment
0 ~ 100,00015,000KRW
100,001 ~ 500,00084,000KRW
500,001 ~ 1,000,000187,000KRW
1,000,001 ~ 2,000,000424,000KRW
2,000,001 ~ 3,000,000758,000KRW
Contact us for 3,000,001 or moreNegotiable
  • A 30-day free trial will be given when you apply to use the service.
  • After the end of the free trial, fees by each section are applied based on the total pages views in your PC/mobile device during the free service period.
  • You can make payment after selecting from the 1 month/3 month/6 month fee plans.

Technical Support

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