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Enterprise Architecture Solution
to Respond Instantly to the
Changes in Business and IT

A total business management solution in the
latest service-oriented architecture (SOA).
environment that provides standard processes for various industries
and a service repository

Product Details

Main Features

An Integrated Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
System to Maximize Business Performance

  • Maximizes business performance by selecting and centralizing limited resources for the process of establishing, implementing, measuring, and evaluating the corporate management strategy
  • VBM for setting up mid and long-term management plans based on company values and resources
  • BSC for company-wide sharing of strategic goals and promoting the accomplishment of goals
  • Integrated operation, such as managerial accounting for multidimensional analysis of cost and profitability based on activity costs calculation

Universal Business Logistics System Suitable for the Rapidly Changing Global Business Environment

  • Support for various annual or monthly sales plans (vendor production plan, long-term plan, and B2C inventory plan)
  • Strategic marketing through promotion management
  • Support for various types of orders demanded in the market (e.g. ordering per model, ordering options, or ordering specifications)
  • Flexible inventory management based on the structures of management warehouse and shadow warehouse.
  • Support for global outsourcing (overseas production → direct export to third country, domestic arrival)
  • Support of various oversea trading tasks, such as processing trades, intermediary trades, exports by oversea transfer, imports by oversea acquisition, or exports by consigned sales

Maximized Operational Efficiency System Based on Optimized Production Plan

  • Flexibility and optimization of the production plan
  • Implementation of Engineering Change Order (ECO) information management
  • Implementation of by products and secondary product management
  • Material requirements planning provided using the Just-In-Time concept
  • System collaboration with partner companies and implementing evaluation of clients
  • Management of purchase budget
  • Statistical quality control

Multi-management plan and new accounting management system for following International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Financial management and business analysis information provided by applying domestic and international accounting standard
  • Flexible settings and work processing for a user-centric approach
  • An account closing structure to handling account closing methods with different accounting periods and account closing standards (e.g. Account closing by report (monthly/quarterly), FRS account closing, consolidated account closing and PD account closing)
  • Management support based on cash flow to support timely procurement and effective use of funds

Competency-Based HR Strategy and Most Efficient HR Development Management System

  • Support for securing competency-based HR and HR development management that Global corporations or large corporations are trying to promote
  • Providing HR management to accomplish the purpose of an enterprise such as experience/learning management related to competency
  • Support of general competency analysis and most efficient placement through a competency analysis chart
  • Implementing qualitative/quantitative evaluation management and management of various reward systems
  • Support of Global wage system through a flexible wage system
  • Providing convenient ESS/MSS features
  • Retirement pay management feature of IFRS standard

An integrated Project Management System (PMS) on the performance of internal/external projects and profit/loss management

  • Support of integrated management of HR, WBS, budget, accounting and profit analysis, etc. by each project
  • Support to set up project budget by budget ratio
  • A feature to analyze estimated cost and analyze profits upon completion while carrying out projects
  • Integrated operation of manufacturing sector and project sector in system aspect
  • Implementing creation of values by maximizing the efficiency of project management

Installation & Usage Guide

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Recommended Server Specifications and Product Version

Application Server:

TypeMinimum RequirementsOS, SW
Standard4 EA16GB100GBWindows

Database Server:

TypeMinimum RequirementsOS, SW
Standard8 EA32GB500GBWindows, MSSQL

* Based on 100 users/using all modules. Prices may vary depending on number of users or the modules.
* K-System Genuine W is the product version applied.

Main Customers

Main Build Case – The best consulting & building service is provided based on the experience of various industries with 30 - 500 billion KRW of sales.

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