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  • GPU acceleration-based architecture
  • Columnar structure in-memory DB
  • Distributed data processing environment
  • Real-time collection of mass data
  • Analysis and visualization of geographical space


  • Massively parallel processing (MPP) support
  • Flexible cluster node configuration
  • On-premise and cloud environment support
  • Universal hardware environment support

Connector & API

  • Kafka, Storm, Nifi, and Spark connectors
  • Support of ANSI SQL 92 and 99 standards
  • Rest API linkage of JAVA, JS, C++, Python and Node.js

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning conducted within the database engine
  • Visualization analysis by interlinking a universal BI tool


Collects, processes, and analyzes streaming or structured/unstructured data in real-time by using GPU in memory and supports support high performance multidimensional analysis features.

Improved analysis application technology and implementation of interactive recognition systems, such as chatbot, is possible using the natural language processing (NLP) based full text search engine.

Enables real-time analysis and handling of large scale location data without processing or changing, and visualization of billions of data can be completed in a second with the fast rendering technology that uses GPU.

Provides an environment to manage the entire workflow, including model learning/inference/verification, by implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning from a single platform.

Product details

GPU Accelerated Database

GPU-based accelerated processing using NVIDIA CUDA API performs parallel processing of large scale data sets to maximize processing, analysis, and visualization performance that had been limited because of the CPU.

​​Performs real-time processing and visualization simultaneously with millions of data collection per second.

​​System integration and extension is possible with the support of all universal standard servers (e.g. On-premise or cloud).

Maximizes the accelerated analysis of MPP structure through the thousands of GPU cores.

Location/Geographical Based Analysis

​​The location-based geographical analysis engine analyzes, processes, and visualizes the real-time location information of large scale data. Also, APIs that can be extended to third party maps such as ESRI, Google, Bing, and Mapbox, are provided. Real-time expression is possible for billions of data is possible using the source geographical based format.

  • Geography-based analysis using geography-based functions
  • Real-time visualization on 4.5 billion bits of Twitter data

GIS Analysis Engine

  • Provides the API for mass data location-based analysis
  • Real-time processing of geographical data based computations, such as Query, Filter, or Join with GPU
  • Geospatial event trigger

Visualization and Scalability

  • OGC WMS (Web Map Service) Layers
  • Support for third party maps (E.g. Google, ESRI, BING)
  • Processing and visualization of millions of data per second with the GPU-based dynamic data rendering technology

Supports all geospatial data formats

  • Point, Line, Polygon, Track, Label 등

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Integrated Platform

Link and apply to your business easily by performing all workflows of data collection, model learning, inference, model verification, and visualization for various types of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning on a single platform (Kinetica).

  • Provides a management environment for models and logics, such as import, collaboration, model distribution, lifecycle management, and audit
  • Model learning
  • Model application
  • Dashboard
  • Audit

Advantages of Adoption

The processing speed is more than 100 times faster using the CPU at a 1/10 of hardware costs for the existing memory database.

Applicable Fields

​Processes and analyzes the extreme scale data beyond big data real-time to create new businesses and lead service improvement for companies and organizations.

​​Communication / Broadcast

  • Network management and optimization
  • User pattern analysis
  • Prevention of detection of illegal activities


  • Product risk management
  • Detection of frauds and cyber threats
  • Business partner risk management

Public Sector

  • Real-time detection of terror and criminal threats
  • Public service support
  • Prediction and prevention of natural disasters


  • Exploration of oil field and gas
  • Smart meter analysis
  • Equipment and energy supply management


  • 360-degree analysis of customers
  • Supply network optimization


  • Cargo transport/delivery route optimization
  • Timely management of inventory


  • Management of patient health conditions
  • Research on new drug development and healthcare
  • Prevention of misconduct


  • Process quality and yield management
  • Manufacturing equipment monitoring



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