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JEUS is the first commercial product to be certified in the international standards of J2EE 1.4, Java EE 5, Java EE 6, and Java EE 7.
It is a number 1 product Korea influencing the global market. It provides various features, such as application transaction management, maintaining sessions, and load balancing.
In addition, business logics can be easily and effectively implemented as it has an outstanding flexibility and functional scalability with its layered structure.

Leading the Java EE Standard with World Class Technology

After being released in 2000, JEUS had been commercialized since J2EE version 1.2 and has continued developing up to JEUS 8 of today, using Java EE 7. Most of all, it has acquired certification for the first time in the global commercialization on Java EE 6 and Java EE 7 since J2EE 1.4 to be internationally recognized for its technological leadership. Also, it is focused on establishing standards and commercialization in order to receive the first certification related to Java EE 8 for which the standard is expected to be established in 2017.

No. 1 Web Application Server in Korea

After becoming No. 1 in the Korean market based on around 500 clients in 2003, it has had the honor of placing No.1 for 6 consecutive years (2003-2008, IDC) in a growing number of; 1,000 clients in 2005 and 2,000 clients in 2009. In 2015, it had secured 42.2% market share and about 2,700 clients.

Listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as the 1st Korean Software

TmaxSoft is recognized for its technology and marketability as it was registered to Gartner Magic Quadrant EAS (Enterprise Application Server) in 2005 for the first time as a domestic software enterprise.
Below are the details related to TmaxSoft recorded in Gartner report.

“TmaxSoft's history is a verified record of its quick implemented of new features and standards, such as actively developing EAS (Enterprise Application Server) products by participating in the development of Java standard and acquiring Java EE 6 certification in

After being registered as the 'Niche Players' of Magic Quadrant EAS in 2005, it had continued to be registered as ‘Visionaries’ in 2009 and 2011.

Product Details

Main Features

In the rapidly changing IT market, the major changes created in web application servers are high performance support on handling large volume transactions, cloud computing technology, and mounting of features. The driving force for JEUS to take the lead by rapidly growing in the domestic market were outstanding stability and differentiated features. The newly released JEUS 8 has drastically improved the features demanded by the market related to development and operation, such as the latest Java EE 7 support, high performance processing of large volume transactions, cloud computing support, and service status analysis and report.

Java EE 7 Full Platform Compatible Certification

Performance, scalability, and development productivity have been improved via the full specification of Java EE 7 and partial implementation of Java EE 8 (HTTP/2).

Efficiency of Operation and Management

· Nondisruptive Distribution

If redistribution of the application is necessary, you can reduce the cost in time and improve the developing productivity by providing a nondisruptive service environment that guarantees the completion of a session request prior to the distribution.

· In-Memory JSP Compilation

Minimum service time can be reduced by selecting the method of performing compiling in the memory on the changed JSP application. You can reduce the load from file I/O operations by using the memory instead of using the JSP as a file.

· JEUS Hot Swap

JEUS Hot Swap is a feature to drastically improve development productivity by redefining only the changed class without having to reload the entire class when changing the application functions. It is effectively used for adding and removing class constructors or changing the method body.

· Convenience of Developers/Administrators

The user library management feature and the template for auto creation of servers in the cluster environment have been added in JEUS 8 to improve the convenience for developers and administrators.

High Performance Processing of Large Volume Transactions by Optimizing with In-House Web Server (WebtoB)

· WebtoB, a High Performance Web Server

Unlike ordinary web servers, the WebtoB architecture adopts the multiplexing method minimize load according to the increase of user requests so that processing of large volume is possible even with little amount of resources. (① Multiplexing I/O) Also, there is a queue which storages requests to be sent to JEUS after receiving a large volume requests. This queue acts as a buffer on the large volume requests from users to support a stable processing of JEUS. Verified performance and safety is provided as a structure that has adopted the architecture of a TP-Monitor product called Tmax, the mission critical key middleware of financial sector. (② Request Queuing)

· Intelligent Dynamic Load Balancing

WebtoB provides services by maintaining connection with JEUS at all times for communication. As it is different from the connection method of ordinary web servers, such as Apache, intelligent dynamic load balancing is possible by instantly identifying the load status of JEUS from WebtoB. (③ Dynamic Load Balancing)

Improved Processing Speed with Internal Communication Between the Web Server and WAS

When configuring the web server and WAS in a single hardware, local IPC (Inter-process Communication) method is provided separately in order to reduce the overhead that occurs in TCP/IP-based socket communications. Performance is improved by 2-4 times by communicating with OS kernel which prevents network load between web server and WAS. (④ Stream Pipe IPC)

Improved Dynamic Clustering

Dynamic clustering based on domain architecture is a key function for the rapid elasticity which is essentially required in cloud computing. Through a unified management environment, the administrator can easily add and delete new services, and the clustering feature is drastically enhanced for a dynamic reflection of changes on all cluster nodes. Dynamic clustering feature in WAS enables effective linkage with the cloud management solutions.

Installation & Usage Guide

A user manual is provided. You can receive technical support by purchasing a separate product with technical support.
Online Manual:


Monthly RatesStandardEnterprise
Per vCPU139,000 KRW399,000 KRW

* Since BYOL (Bring Your Own License) is possible in JEUS, please make a separate inquiry on quotes on various types of licenses.
* JEUS 8 is the product version applied.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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