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As a game server engine of iFunFactory, iFunEngine is designed to easily implement complicated functions and shorten the development time in terms of game server development.

Product Details

Implementation of Multi-player Mode in Single-player Games

iFunEngine can quickly add a real-time multiplayer feature to games that support single player or asynchronous multiplayer modes. It is also designed to easily implement the functions such as authentication, billing, chat, ranking, matchmaking, or multi-casting that are normally used in mobile games.

Mounted with a Powerful Network Engine

All protocols including TCP, UDP, and HTTP are supported for various network environments according to game characteristics. Also, a stable session layer is provided for a seamless game service under unstable network environments. The optimized games server engine can maintain more than 10,000 simultaneous sessions even on a small server with a 2-core CPU.

Effective Scaling-Out Structure

We support the RPC feature for simple communication between complicated servers, distributed locking features for smooth access to shared data under a multi-server environment, prevent duplicate login under a multi-server environment without a separate implementation, and allow interaction between users who are connected to different servers.

Easy Server Management

Effective server management is possible with the dashboard where you can identify the server status at a glance. The dashboard collects the performance data of the games server engine and displays it visually as charts or tables.

Easy Database Processing

iFunEngine automatically creates the C++ class that includes the SQL query and procedures needed to access game objects, without the need for the developer to access the database. Methods and SQL queries within the automatically created class changes automatically according to the new or deleted game object attributes.

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(Excluding VAT)
Product NameUsage Fee
iFun Engine (Permanent Type Product)25 million KRW/project

Recommended Server Specifications

  • iFunEngine for Development: A server with 2vCPU and 2GB RAM or higher is recommended
  • iFunEngine for Live: A server with 4vCPU and 8GB RAM or higher is recommended

Technical Support

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  • Telephone: +82 (0)70-4923-6566