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iFunDeploy is a service that can operate game services using the game operation platform of iFunFactory, the partner company.
You can easily manage the server infrastructure for game services in the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM and use the functions necessary for operating games with just simple operations.

Product Details

Convenient User Management

iFunDeploy provides game user management features such as user search, account restriction, unlocking, payment of rewards, or forced logout through a simple API link. You can monitor current management conditions and status through the user management history. You can also add additional management functions depending on the game through user defined functions.

Administrator Access Management According to Roles

Once a game gets released, staff in charge of various roles such as customer support, marketing, or game operation are needed even within the same project. It isn't easy to divide such roles in the same operation tool. With iFunDeploy, you can set up access for each role so that each person in charge can use the service management features by having their own access.

Intuitive Campaign (Event) Management

When you are performing a game event during a specific period while operating the game after being released, the event schedule management can be rather burdening to the game operator. In order to reduce the burden of event schedule management, iFunDeploy is able to manage the event schedule by conveniently registering events anytime as a form of calendar or table on the event types supported by game server.

Index Check Without SDK Link

For game statistics analysis, tasks including a statistical analysis, using SDK in the client is unavoidable in most cases. However, since critical information such as account creation, login or payment is always left as a log even in the game server, iFunDeploy is able to provide key indicators conveniently using this server log. Even in the case of using the statistical analysis solution, you can use the indicator verification feature of iFunDeploy for the purpose of re-verifying the statistical figures.

Push Alarm Function

In case of having to send a message to users during a specific period while operating the game, you can send the message through the push alarm function of iFunDeploy. Alarms can be sent to both Android and iOS. You can also send alarms to all users or to specific users. Also, scheduled delivery is possible as well as instant transmission if you register schedule.

Setup of Server Infrastructure

iFunDeploy provides the function to easily set up and manage the server infrastructure for game services on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

Installation & Usage Guide


(Excluding VAT)
Product NameMonthly Usage Fee
iFun Deploy400,000 KRW/project

Recommended Server Specifications

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) using WEB UI. A link with iFunEngine installed server is required.

Technical Support

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  • Telephone: +82 (0)70-4923-6566