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Galea minimizes the impact of data encryption on database performance, thus ensuring that the system can operate uninterrupted. It’s also equipped with an encryption module that maintains the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of an enterprise’s database and its database encryption system. This module complies with the approved modules of the IT Security Certification Center of a FIPS 140-2 Level.
You can perform encryption and decryption services for several databases at the same time. There’s no need to make any changes to the application that connects to the existing database.

"Proven encryption solution"
"Column-level encryption of the protected DBMS"

Product Details

Main Features

Database and Unstructured Data
Integrated Support of Data Encryption
  • Supports integrated encryption not only for databases but also for unstructured data stored in the form of images, videos, sound files, etc
  • Supports integrated management of encryption keys, policies, and audit logs regardless of the data storage format
  • Supports both plug-in and API methods for database encryption. Unstructured data encryption supports APIs as well as practical CLIs
Powerful Personal Information Search and Information Asset Management
  • Locates information that needs protection, and supports automated scheduler to manage changes in trends for sensitive information
Safe Encryption Key Management
  • Includes various protection features such as key encryption, communication interval protection, automatic backup, and key storage redundancy for the safe management of encryption keys
  • Provides life cycle management from key generation through application, automatic renewal, and disposal
Statistics-Based Anomaly Detection
  • Collects query patterns for important encrypted information, and generates statistics to detect and control any anomalies
  • A control function that detects anomalies in simple queries and any sudden increase in queries, and denies decryption accordingly
Access Control for Databases and Solution Linkage
  • Supports linkage with the Chakra Max access-control solution
  • Comprehensive security management by linking identifying information such as user name and department, IP address, etc

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Product TypeBased OnMonthly Usage Fee
DB Access Control (ChakraMax V2.0)DB Server – 1~2vCore100,000 KRW
DB encryption (Galea V2.0)DB Server – 1~2vCore70,000 KRW
DB access control (ChakraMax V2.0) + DB encryption (Galea V2.0)DB Server – 1~2vCore136,000 KRW

Notes for DB Encryption (GaleaV2)

· The recommended server specifications for DB encryption are: CPU: 4vCPU RAM: 32GB HDD: 1TB * 2.
· The usage fee is based on 2vCore. (1vCore costs the same as 2vCore.)
· Initial (remote) installation is free.
· Additional costs will be incurred if a visit is necessary to carry out on-site installation.

TypeBased OnMonthly Usage Fee

· Maintenance includes troubleshooting, major and minor upgrades, and patch services.
· Remote technical support and troubleshooting are available. Additional costs will be incurred if an on-site visit is necessary.

* Please contact us for more details.

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