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Flexera FlexNet Manager is a next generation asset management/license optimization solution which is recognized as the world's best solution in the field. Many companies worldwide are already minimizing risks and costs related to effective IT assets, license management, and audits.


Solution for Next Generation Asset Management and Software License Optimization

· Identifies and recognizes software and hardware assets

· Increases efficiency in IT asset management and optimization of related costs

· Reduces costs with automated license optimization and provides a response to vendor audits

Consultation Service for Global Software Vendor Audits

· Sole asset management solution which complies with the audit standards of each vendor and replaces the audits from the vendors

· Replaces audit reports from the vendors and fully supports the PUR (Product Use Rights) of vendors

Main Features

The global no. 1 IT asset management solution

· Full automation of hardware inventory detection/registration/management

· Full automation of software detection/registration/contract management/excess & shortage management

· Provides compliance audit standard manuals for each software vendor and a management engine that conforms to audit standards

· Manages applications, SKUs, and the price information of each software vendor

Asset Management and Software License Optimization (Vendor Audit Response) Service

· Level 1: Automatic detection and recognition of owned assets → All hardware and software

· Level 2: Secure visibility of asset management → Identify the installation/usage/deletion status of hardware and software assets in real-time, ability to identify the assets allocated to an individual, provides standardization and cleansing features of hardware and software assets

· Level 3: Compliance management → Provides a comprehensive compliance dashboard, provides software audit dashboard per vendor, retrieves overviews from each vendor/user/organization/device/site

· Level 4: Optimization of purchasing costs → Integrated purchase contract registration feature, reduce costs through contract benchmarking

Level 1~3 : FlexNet Manager Platform HAM, SAM and license management

· Maintain compliance with:

▶ 14,000 + vendors

▶ 200,000 + applications

▶ 1,000,000 + software SKUs

· Inventory and App Recognition

· Synchronization between purchase history and installed licenses

Level 4 : Audit Response, Compliance Management, SW Purchase Optimization

Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, IBM, and 20,000 engineering apps to perform legitimate optimizations through a licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) engine

Vendor status for customer software audit support: Can support the software vendor's Product Use Right (PUR) engine and replace the audit report

Major VendorsOther
· Roughly 14,000 software vendors from around the world
· Automatic recognition of more than one million SW SKUs (global standard product identification number)
· Automatic detection of on-premise and virtual (VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, Oracle VM) environments

Product Details

Detailed Features

Automatic Detection and Recognition of AssetsSecuring Visibility of Asset ManagementCompliance ManagementOptimization of Purchasing Costs

Detects and recognizes hardware assets

· Servers, PCs (including Macs), laptops, and mobile devices

· Virtual (VMware/Citrix/Hyper-V) servers

Detects and recognizes software assets

· Windows, Linux, and Unix series

· Freeware, shareware, commercial, and non-commercial

· Component, font, and patch

· Recognizes all domestic and foreign software

Identifies the installation/usage/deletion status of hardware and software assets in real-time

Can identify assets allocated to each individual

· By user/organization/device

· By site and network

· Used/unused assets

· Identifies authorized/unauthorized asset status

Standardization and cleansing feature of hardware and software assets

Provides a comprehensive compliance dashboard

Provides a software audit dashboard for each vendor

· Executes automatic simulation and optimization according to vendor regulations

· Dashboard on the amount of compliance risk

Identifies overview per vendor/user/organization/device/site

· State of installation and use without authorization

· State of little or no use but has authorization

Feature for integrated contract registration

· Rental/lease contracts

· MS EA/EAS/Select/MB(S)A contracts

· Hardware and software maintenance contracts

· Consulting service contracts

· Subscription contracts

Reduces costs through contract benchmarking

· Referencing other companies and empowerment by each vendor


(Excluding VAT)
Service Name and ClassificationProduct & Service InformationSupported VendorsBilling and Usage StandardBilling Standard
Basic ServiceHardware & Software Management ServiceAll software licenses2,500 KRW/Month/Device/VendorBased on one installed OS
Premium ServiceServer License Optimization ServiceSAP2,500 KRW/Month/UserBased on one user registered in the SAP system
Oracle2,500 KRW/Month/Device/Vendor Per unit, per vendor
E.g., If there are 10 Oracle and Microsoft servers for optimization
= 2,500 KRW * 2 vendors * 10 units = 50,000 KRW/month
PC License Optimization ServiceAll software licenses0 KRW (All costs are included in the basic service.)No classification of vendors.
Audit Response SnapshotAudit Response Optimization Consulting ServiceAll software licenses1,000,000 KRW/Month/Customer/Vendor
** Installation SupportInitial Setup and Configuration ServiceAll software licenses6,000 KRW/Device/One TimeBased on one installed OS

· Basic Service: Can be used on its own.

· Premium Service: Use of the basic service is required.

· Audit Response Snapshot: Basic Service + Premium Service is required

· Minimum contract period for all services above is six months.

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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