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DMC REPORT PRO is a premium knowledge service digital media & advertisement marketing.
It provides a comprehensive market insight through various materials, such as reports, briefs, and charts.

Product Details

Main Features

Specialized for Digital/Marketing/Advertisement Data

As the only advertisement marketing data knowledge channel in the industry, the DMC REPORT PRO provides data necessary for marketing and strategies, such as key trends of the digital industry worldwide, actual execution data for advertisement & marketing, and consumer data.

Professional and In-depth Market Insight

DMC REPORT PRO provides professional and differentiated market insight using its 15-year old database that contains the actual execution results of digital advertisement marketing and its trusted research capabilities.

Instant Optimization of Work

Contents are provided in various types, such as briefs, reports, charts, infographics and raw data which the marketers can apply instantly to their work.

Audience Data by Target

In-depth research of various consumer groups is conducted to provide diverse information on the target audience, such as digital usage behaviors, advertising attitude & effects, and lifestyle.

Serviced Contents

Trend Brief & Visual Brief

Daily global news and market trend information related to advertisement marketing are provided. Image data, such as charts, raw data, and infographics on marketing and consumers, are provided based on in-house surveys and research analysis data.

Data Library

Find data on key marketing statistics on the database on consumers, marketers, and domestic/foreign digital markets. The data library is based on the surveys that DMC Media conducted.

In-depth Report

A weekly report containing timely and in-depth insight is provided on key issues of advertisement marketing for the interest of marketers to help them with successful marketing.

Premium Report

A premium insight report of the highest industry standard is provided based on the actual execution DB of digital advertisement and research based consumer data.

Serviced Products

In-depth Product

Provides an in-depth insight on the main issues of the market

Premium Product

Premium insight report of the highly industry standard using research-based consumer data

Data Product

One-stop place to find data charts on consumers, marketers, domestic/foreign digital markets provided by internal DMC Media data.

· All products include the usage of trend brief & visual brief.


Account permission product

All contents of DMC Report PRO are available for six months.

Individual report product

As a product to use by purchasing each of the premium report within DMC Report PRO, the cost varies depending on the report and can be purchased within the site for about 200,000 KRW.
However, you must place the order by selecting account transfer and contact the person in charge below when you make the purchase.

(Excluding VAT)
ProductIndividual report product6 month account permission product
For separate purchaseUse all contents
Usage PeriodUnlimited6 months
Default KEYThe default is 2 (Additional 2 for Naver)
Additional 2 keys50,000 KRW200,000 KRW
Payment method and amountSpecified within the website with an amount for individual report3,000,000 KRW / 500,000 KRW per month is deducted six times

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