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Appropriate Data Encryption Solution for Cloud

D'Amo provides a database encryption product in cloud and an encryption key management solution for safe key management. D'Amo has various components to suit your specific environment, such as API encryption or file encryption methods for cloud and also provides a key management solution to manage the encryption key life-cycle.

Product Details

Main Features

Powerful encryption
  • Equipped with the encryption modules approved by the National Intelligence Service of Korea
  • FIPS approved encryption algorithm
  • Korean and global standard encryption algorithms (AES, ARIA, TDES, SEED, HASH, and Blowfish)
  • Format-preserving encryption feature (Maintains own format on data)
Access Control
  • White/Black List management
  • Permission granting by column/user
  • Login access control
Support for all DBMS
  • Encryption without limitation in the DBMS environment
  • Encryption under Shared DBMS of the cloud environment
  • Encryption of unstructured data (file, sound recording, or SAM file)
Encryption Method
  • BA: Encrypts/decrypts using API function in the app server Requires source editing & has no limitations on DBMS
  • DA: Encrypts/decrypts using API functions in the DBMS server
Audit Solution
  • Centralized log management
  • Access/policy/state log
  • Auto backup and viewing of logs
Key Management Solution
  • Safe key management complying with Korean and foreign encryption standards
  • Key distribution access control
  • D’Amo and external application management

* For more details, refer to the website.


ProductModelStandard Specifications for ServiceMonthly Fee (Per Unit)
DA4 vCPU servers350,000 KRW
8 vCPU servers500,000 KRW
12 vCPU servers650,000 KRW
16 vCPU servers800,000 KRW
24 vCPU servers1,100,000 KRW
32 vCPU servers1,500,000 KRW
BABased on 1 application server350,000 KRW
MaintenanceBased on 1 unit, monthly cost (remote/email/landline, support from 9 AM to 6 PM)100,000 KRW
Maintenance, Premium ServiceBased on 1 unit, monthly cost, monthly routine check (once a month),
ICS report 24 X 365 failure response (including night hours)
200,000 KRW
Decryption CostsBased on DB decryption of 1 unit for migration, 1 time250,000 KRW
Installation costsInstallation costs Included in the maintenance costs

* Detailed Description of Fees

  • 1. Difference in billing method: BA method is billed per application server. DA method is billed per DB server vCPU.
  • 2. Difference of encryption method:
    • DA method includes query editing by inserting an encryption/decryption API into the DB server to perform the final encryption/decryption.
    • The BA method includes source editing by inserting the API into the application server terminal to send encrypted/decrypted data to the DB server.
  • 3. Difference of restrictions in client environment:
    • The DA method operates as partially dependent on DBMS and requires query editing.
    • The BA method, which operates independently with DBMS, may have limitations depending on the language, and requires source editing.
  • 4. An environment that cannot be accessed by DA or Cloud DB and No SQL DB may be proposed as BA (API).
Component Name
MeaningEncryption MethodComponent DescriptionBilling Policy
APIa. An API method that performs encryption in application without any effect on DBMS.
b. BA-JPF is an API optimized for the Java Framework Platform.
c. If many clients share 1 DBMS, encryption is possible with the BA method only.
d. Source editing of the client web server is required (by developer).
  • Monthly billing of the license, cost based on 1 application server unit.
  • The installation cost is applied per application server.
  • Quotes can vary depending on the number of application servers.
DADBMS ApplicationDB[MS] APIa. Method of encryption by providing lightweight functions using DB[MS] API method.
b. User defined functions are provided within the DBMS.
c. Method of editing all queries that include the column subject to encryption.
(A part of editing development may need to be performed by the customer.)
  • Monthly billing of license cost based on 1 DB server unit (default 4 vCPUs)
  • Installation cost is applied per DB server.

* Please contact us for more details.

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