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Cyclone can eliminate systemic gaps in security by giving security administrators and DBAs a detailed view of vulnerabilities in the database and other items to be considered in various perspectives for the operation of the database.

"Protects information by identifying vulnerabilities in the database."
"The only database vulnerability analysis solution in Korea—and it’s GS certified!"

Product Details

Main Features

Browsing Assets in Information Storage
  • Locates, capitalizes, and manages the various information storage centers operating in the enterprise environment
  • The inventory management feature supports the task of detecting the emergence of new services and identifying them as security targets
Superior Search Function for Personal or Sensitive Information /
Searching Sensitive Information
  • Supports automated scheduler by locating information that needs protection and managing changes in information storage
  • Supports not only database searches but also Windows and Linux OS searches for personal or sensitive information
Integrated Management of Access Records in Database and Applications
  • Collects and manages access records for personal information processing systems

- Database: Access time, user ID and IP address, query, information retrieved through query, analysis of personal information patterns included in query results, and personal information

- Application: Access time, user ID and IP address, business system name and IP address, inquiry page, and personal information provided

Security Breach Incident Analysis
  • Provides real-time event analysis on dashboard, enables immediate responses to security breach incidents, and provides a feature that explains security breach incidents
Real-time Risk Detection and Alert
  • Detects potential security threats such as excessive queries and access outside of business hours by setting thresholds for response values for database and application access records

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Product TypeBased OnMonthly Usage Fee
Vulnerability Analysis (Cyclone)
(Data Scan + DB Vulnerability Scan + Scheduler)
DB Server – 1 unit410,000 KRW

Notes for Vulnerability Analysis (Cyclone)

· Fees for visits and remote consulting are charged separately.
· A license key is issued for each machine IP.
· Half of the Master DB fee will be charged for Slave DB and Mirror DB.

* Please contact us for more details.

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