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KakaoTalk’s Notification Talk and Friend Talk provide necessary APIs for sending messages.
A web solution for sending messages is available for those who cannot use APIs.

Product Details

Main Features

KakaoTalk Notification Talk

You can send a message to users who are not added as a Plus Friend on KakaoTalk. However, the message contents are restricted to those that are considered appropriate as public information according to the Information Communications Network Act in the Korea Internet & Security Agency guide for the protection of users. Messages on orders, reservation confirmation, payment details, and delivery status messages apply and newsletters or notices do not. (To send non-public messages, we recommend that you suggest the user to add your business Plus Friend so you can send a Friend Talk.)

KakaoTalk Friend Talk

In the viewpoint of a user, Friend Talk is no different than the group Plus Talk. You can even send advertising messages to those added as friends. (Advertising messages can be sent only to Plus friends due to the service policy. )
Indication that a message is an advertisement is required when sending messages to users that are considered advertisements in accordance with the Information Communications Network Act. You cannot send messages during the night. (8:00 PM - 8:00 AM next day)

Who Needs It and Why?

If the cost of your message and notification service is too high

You can use Notification Talk and Friend Talk to send the same quantity and types of SMS/LMS/MMS at lower costs. In addition, you can use extra features, such as Kakao certification mark (Notification Talk) or button link at the bottom of message, so your customers can receive messages in a more user-friendly KakaoTalk environment.

If you want to use KakaoTalk as a mobile communications tool with your customers

You can use Plus Friend message. Make a Plus Friend account for your business if you don't already have one. Use various communication features, such as 1:1 chat or automatic response. You will be able to use KakaoTalk, which has over 40 million active users in Korea (as of February, 2016) as a powerful mobile communication tool for your business.

If you want to send personalized messages to individual users

If you have a Plus Friend account but you want to send personalized messages to individual users, use the KakaoTalk Biz message API to link with your CRM, commerce, and logistics system to send customized message to individual users. You do not need to manually send each message for each group on the administrator page like for the Plus Friend service. Therefore, if you have high number of friends and an internal customer management system, it is advantageous to use Biz Message APIs.

Detailed Features

Free services exclusive to Orange messages

Detailed Comparison of Transmission Tools


Notification TalkFriend Talk (Text)Friend Talk (Image)
Send MethodUsing the Orange Message tool or through developing API links.Same as leftSame as left
Content Restricted to certain types of informative messages.
* Items that apply as informative or advertisement misstatements that instantly react to customer behavior, such as orders / reservations / payments / shipments / membership points are exceptions described under advertising information in the Information Communications Network Act.
Advertising messages can be sent.
* However, please check the Plus Friend terms and conditions for detailed information restrictions on sending third party advertisements
* An indication of advertisement materials (stated as "Advertisement") is required on the top of the text
Same as left
TargetCan be any recipient (A Plus Friend or not).
* Phone number is required
for Users who are friends with the Plus Friend
* Phone number is required
Same as left
Transmission formatKorean and English including spaces
1.000 character text + link button at the bottom of message
Korean and English including spaces
1.000 character text + link button
Korean and English including spaces
400 character text + 1 image + link button
Price6 KRW15 KRW22 KRW
NoteCan only be used by businesses Message Template Prior registration is required. Sent as LMS at failure. Users who are Plus Friends can disable the automatic response feature from the notification reception screen.Can only be used by businesses.
* You cannot send message during the night. (8:00 PM - 8:00 AM the next day.)
Same as left
Comparison of credibilitymessages are perceived as informative and not as advertising so KakaoTalk messages in this style will have higher credibility from customers.Users add the business as a Plus Friend. So they are interested in advertisements and pay attention.Same as left

Text Message

Short Message SMSLong Message LMSPhoto MMS
Send Methodusing the Orange Message tool or through developing API links.Same as leftSame as left
ContentAdvertising messages can be sent.
* However, options such as Do not receive (advertisement) must be provided.
Same as leftSame as left
TargetAnyone with a phone numberSame as leftSame as left
Format90 byte2000 byteMaximum of 3 images + 2000 byte
Price9 KRW30 KRW80 KRW
NoteNo restrictionsNo restrictionsNo restrictions
Comparison of credibilitymessages to customers that are sent randomly shows hostility Even if the message sending seems successful, the user does not see the message due to the carrier and app's spam policy.Same as leftSame as left

Installation & Usage Guide


(Including vat)
KakaoTalk (Excluding vat)Message (Excluding vat)
Notification TalkFriend Talk (Text)Friend Talk (Image)Short Message (SMS)Long Message (LMS)Photo (MMS)
Unit Price (KRW)No. of Messages That Can beSentUnit Price (KRW)No. of Messages That Can beSentUnit Price (KRW)No. of Messages That Can beSentUnit Price (KRW)No. of Messages That Can beSentUnit Price (KRW)No. of Messages That Can beSentUnit Price (KRW)No. of Messages That Can beSent
10,000 KRW109102045530304156074022812076
30,000 KRW9.3293318.6146727.997813.95195637.2734111.6245
50,000 KRW9.1499618.2249827.3166613.65333136.41249109.2417
100,000 KRW8.91021517.8510826.7340513.35681035.62554106.8852
300,000 KRW8.73134817.41567426.11045013.052089934.87837104.42613
500,000 KRW8.553476172673825.51782612.753565134133691024457
1,000,000 KRW8.211086516.45543324.63695512.37391032.82771798.49239
3,000,000 KRW834091016170455241136371222727332852289628410
5,000,000 KRW7.858275115.629137623.419425111.738850131.214568893.648563
10,000,000 KRW7.512121221560606122.540404111.258080813030303190101011

* Please contact api_manual_v3.1.0 technical support (1522-8330).

Technical Support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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