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Cloud Contact (Custom) is an optimized IPCC solution service for your specific needs that is designed by EICN, a specialist in call center systems,
and is provided via NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM for a high quality, reliable service.

Product Details

Main Features

Building a Customized Professional Call Center

You can build an optimal professional call center for your business type and needs, improve the call center management system, and maximize work efficiency by reducing call times.

Stability and Continuous Maintenance based on NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM

We provide a stable call center solution that is designed from years of experience on NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM for stability and high quality service. Use it on the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM to save set up and maintenance costs on items such as networking equipment.

Flexible Structure for Functional and System Stability

Be prepared before you even know it, with a cloud based service that is designed with a flexible structure to enable system stability for an increased volume of users and application of upgraded functions.

Main Features

Solution Concept Diagram


Service ClassificationCloud Contact (Custom)
Minimum Server SpecificationQuantityIPCC LicenseOS, SW
Minimum No. of Seats (Based on 20 Users)2Core4G300G120Linux, MySQL
NoteProvided as a custom type depending on the provided features

* The Cloud Contact (Custom) solution builds a system according to the call center scale. Please contact us for details on customization and development costs.

* IP phones and headsets are for separate purchase

* Download the application form for Cloud Contact

Customers Using the Custom Service

Over 200 companies using the build type

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