Cloud Contact (Basic)

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Cloud Contact (Basic) is an Internet Protocol Call Center (IPCC) solution in cloud
where you can customize the number of seats and the necessary features without the need to set up new equipment.

Product Details

Recommended For

Customers who need a call center but feel burdened by the setup costs

You can rent the essential features of the call center including ARS, recording, customer service application, and statistics generation at an affordable price with the number of seats you desire.

Customers who have little or no professional workers to operate a call center system

You only need to have a telephone- no other equipment is needed.

Customers who need a flexible number of customer service agent seats and fast introduction of service

You can rent any number of seats you need, whenever you want. Service installation with the essential features can be completed within two weeks.

Main Features

* CTI : Computer Telephony Integration

* IVR : Interactive Voice Response

PBX (Switchboard)

A convenient switchboard system and call feature in cloud without the need for a physical equipment

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

Connecting customer calls to customer service agents and providing customer information in pop-ups

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

A customized automated response system (ARS) of your choice


Recordings of customer calls to be used in case of disputes (Stored for up to one year)


A statistics generator for incoming calls to the main telephone number

Customer Service Application

A customer service application to manage customer information and service history

Call Back

A virtual hold feature where customers can leave their numbers when there is a high volume of calls, hang up, and get a callback later.

Linking APIs

An open API for linking your legacy system and CTI.


Service ClassificationCloud Contact (Basic)
RecordingIPCC StandardIPCC Standard + Online Customer Service
Intended CustomersCustomers who need a recording featureCustomers using in-house CRMCustomers not using in-house CRM
DescriptionSound recording systemRecording / ARS (IVR) / Statistics / Open API for linking with CTI CRMRecording / ARS (IVR) / Statistics / CTI + (Online customer service application)
Minimum Service Conditions2 seats or more
Additional ServicesPDS (Auto Call)XX30,000 KRW
Technical Support for API LinkXOne-time cost of 2 million KRW upon requestX
Addition of IVR Line4,000 KRW/1 line/month
IPCC Usage Fee (Per line)30,000 KRW40,000 KRW50,000 KRW
Basic Rate of VoIP Call (Regardless of Contract)2,000 KRW/1 line/month2,000 KRW/1 line/month2,000 KRW/1 line/month

* Contract discount: 10% for 1 year, 15% for 2 years, and 20% for 3 years

* IP phones and headsets are for separate purchase

* Additional costs may arise for customer service agent training

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Customers Using the Cloud Contact Service

Over 180 companies using 1,300 lines (As of April, 2018)

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· Telephone number: 1644-7549

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