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Chakra Max controls the DB via real-time detection and control and also provides 100% recording of access history and analysis of recorded data to protect your important information from leakage without overloading the existing system.

"A recognized information security solution by Gartner"
"Compliance with international and domestic standards (EAL4 CC certification & GS mark)"
"Wide Range of supported specifications"

Product Details

Main Features

Access Control
  • Records the history of operations on the database or server—including the user's session attributes, executed SQL and response information, server commands, and server
  • Provides various access control features such as alerts, blocking, SQL control, masking, job approval, application control, bypass access detection, and data collection before and after modification.
Audit and Logging
  • Provides the 5Ws in audit logs for task histories in the database and on the server.
  • Guarantees the integrity on stored logs via the system’s internal security features.
  • Supports duplication of log repositories and enables automated health checks to identify resource issues necessary for auditing.
Practical Data Masking
  • Analyzes the input and output of the database and the system in order to effectively prevent data leakage.
  • Automatically recognizes confidential data, such as account numbers or national identification numbers, in the analysis phase, so that data masking can take place in accordance with the policy.
  • Provides intelligent recognition of attempts to manipulate queries to concatenate strings or by combining user functions.
  • Provides additional practical functions needed to apply the policy, such as approval to disable masking, designation of exceptional users, and restricted disabling on the maximum number of specific items.
Control of Access Points
  • Uses a server security agent to control tasks involving the server console or serial communication.
  • Allows actual users to be identified as agents for WAS tasks using common accounts.
  • Detects and blocks attempts to bypass the secure gateway and gain access with a server security agent.
  • Provides software TAP and DB local agent for audit and control of operations through database local connection.
Data Job Approvals
  • Provides a specialized approval system for looking up or changing important information in the database.
  • Provides industry-leading levels of convenience with features such as line-manager approval, pre- and post-approval, automated changes of path after a set period, and email approval.
  • Controls approvals for an expanded range of OS commands, including server operations as well as database operations.
Practical Built-in Security Policies
  • Provides about 40 built-in policies to meet security requirements, based on knowledge gained from years of experience.
  • Automatically generates statistics on-site operation data and uses this information to detect any anomalies.
  • Detects abnormally frequent access or information requests, a sudden increase in SQL errors, an explosive number of views, and queries that are executed without the “where” condition. Also prevents tampering by checking the integrity of the DB access program.
  • Can create a policy on traffic trends based on the average level of network traffic.
User Account and Password Management
  • Provides a set of account management features including account privileges, validity period, and automatic password changes.
  • Provides a single interface for management of database accounts and permissions as well as the operating system. Supports links to the access control policy.
Stronger Server Access Control
  • Provides role-based control and powerful command-and-control capabilities, including significant enhancements to server access control and local operations that do not go through the network.
  • Blocks malware infection of executable files and malicious tampering attempts, and supports alerts and user-defined follow-up.
  • Integrated management of previously separate server access control and DB access control.

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Product TypeBased OnMonthly Usage Fee
DB Access Control (ChakraMax V2.0)DB Server – 1vCore or 2vCore100,000 KRW
DB encryption (Galea V2.0)DB Server – 1vCore or 2vCore70,000 KRW
DB access control (ChakraMax V2.0) + DB encryption (Galea V2.0)DB Server – 1vCore or 2vCore136,000 KRW

Notes for DB Access Control (ChakraMax V2)

· The recommended server specifications for DB access control are: CPU: 4 vCPU; RAM: 32 GB; HDD: 1TB x 2.
· The usage fee is based on 2vCore. (1vCore costs the same as 2vCore.)
· Initial (remote) installation is free.
· Additional costs will be incurred if a visit is necessary to carry out on-site installation.

TypeBased OnMonthly Usage Fee

· Maintenance includes troubleshooting, major and minor upgrades, and patch services.
· Remote technical support and troubleshooting are available. Additional costs will be incurred if an on-site visit is necessary.

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